srinderella react to BTS 'ON'

 I started to cry on 0:46
just right when RM's solo part started

it's like I meet an old friend
the aroma of coffee, lingering on our nose
we haven't been catch up on what's going on for a long time
both of us are so occupied with our own activity 
but just by a short story
it's like (s)he understands what's going on with in my life lately
without much details, 
(s)he knows it very well
that I started to cry...

That I realised, I've been through so many things 
when it's just the 2nd month of 2020

'it's okay, you're doing very well... thank you'

just like when BTS released 'Run'
I was wanted to 'Run'
I wanted to runaway to chase something abstract called 'my dream'

just like when BTS released 'Forever Young'
it was almost the end of spring, and the summer is approaching
I was one step closer to that abstract thing - I got into my first ever job
it was a bit like what I've always wanted
it's never to late to get what you want
you just need to keep working on what you want

just like when BTS released 'Not Today'
I was struggling, trying to do my best
to get 'the approval' - not letting anyone bring me down
tho I was failed

just like when BTS released 'Love Yourself'
I was again - questioning my existense 
at the age of late 20's

just like when BTS released 'Boys with Luv'
Maybe I started to know myself better, 
I fall in love again with myself

and today with 'ON'
I got jailed, in a 'beautiful prison'
it so beautiful - I want to stay
or more like I should stay
it's okay, this prison taught me so many things no one can :)
it's okay that not everyone understand
the wound soon will dry, and became my winning trophy
it's okay
you're doing very well
Thank You

미치지 않으려면 미쳐야 해
'gotta go insane, to stay sane'

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