[fanacc] EXO 130721 Mokdong Hot Tracks Fansign (part. 1)

okay, I could use more 'romantic-poetic' title to express how I feel until now
*I am still on cloud nine - but maybe today I've walked down to cloud seven (?)*
-and now I am on a healing therapy, no EXO's song, no fanfictions or else I won't move on at least for next 3months -hell, at least, that's what happened after I attended my first BEAST's concert--

YES! I was there !!! and I was like ~ I couldn't contain my feeling
that was the best ending I had in South Korea in Seoul to be precise, because the moment after I finished the fansign was like a total hell *except for the dinner with my friend whom a local people, whom super help full and lovely*

okay I will separate this *again* long - boring post in some several parts, you can skip it, depends on what you wanna know ;)

- how to join the fansign?

first of all, you have to be in South Korea *of course* any city will do as long as, ~ehmm there is a schedule for the particular singer/idol

- fansigns, usually held by a CD store, such as hottracks or synara or anything else, if you follow some of your *well* favorite idols schedule by their fanbase accounts or fan accounts, you might get tons of info, in my case, I just need one of my friend, which she is a 'EXO's fanclub president' for my little heart, her twitter ID is @yaluhan, she is like my one stop EXO news provider.

so she sent me this:

this poster contains : where you can buy the CD (in my case : in Hottracks Mokdong and Hottracks Yongdengpo) *it is stated that you MUST buy in particular store to participate the lottery*, when you have to buy the CD (in my case : 07.19-07.20 until 8p.m) and they also inform how many winners will get selected
so hopefully you understand Korean, guys *well I can read all of those letters, but the meaning, blah! I have to learn moaarr* so in this case I have a local friend whom a Korean Girl, and she is also an EXO fan kkk, thanks to her :3

after you got the information then ... YOU HAVE TO BUY THE CD!!!
and I swear it depends on your luck!!! I heard some Japanese fans buy until 100++ CDs, and I know there are some people who bought like 30CDs, and as for me on my first attempt I bought 16CDs, but I was lost, and for this event, I just bought well 3CDs, *praise to Almighty God!*

after you bought the CD, the shopkeeper will make you fill in the coupon:

 *fyi in those 2 out of 3 coupons, I wrote my friend's name, which-foolishly-I thought they are lucky*

after you wait until the particular time : which the entries closed at 8p.m and they will announce the winner by their website *you can check the website on their poster or the shopping receipt that you kept*

and mine WAS THERE!!!
my hand was literally shaking I couldn't believe it! I will see Mr. K and Mr. T in real life and FACE TO FACE *dies*

so actually the selected name was my friends name~ but yeah! IT WAS MINE kkk

after that you have to check another poster, which was posted on the web along with the winner name, AND! fyi they were selected 100 people to attend the fansign and 270 other people to JUST SEE EXO FROM A FAR >///<

so here is the additional poster: 

I also need another translation for this, so my friend helped me, it contained where is the fansign location, when you have to come (in my case : minimum time is 4.30 p.m and the fansign will start at 6 p.m)


After you won the lottery, and then know where to go, what you need to prepare is:

1. Your ID Card (Your Citizenship ID Card or Passport)
-since, I used my friend's name, so I made a little trick here, my other friend @maedaami95 helped me to make a 'fake ID Card', and I just showed the soft copy, since my friend were on Indonesia. What they need to know is your Name and Birthday, that's all!

 okay, the girl on the photo is me, but that's not my name!!! and I am younger by a year xD

2. I heard sometimes you have to bring your shopping receipt

Where do you think they will give you their sign?!? kkk 

4. Fangift, 
but some other fansign might don't allow you to bring a gift~

the registration desk >///<


  1. Hahahhaa..ak bru nemu ini..km ms inget ga?ak yg pas ddpn km kpn ari it..

    1. Hani bukan?

      kok anonim
      jangan careless careless shoot anonymous dong kkk

    2. iy it ak..hahahahha..abis ak bngung pake yg mana...hahahahha..jd akire anonim aj...ak lg lyt2 google yg fansign tw2 ini nongol..hahahhaha...

    3. pake akun twitter kek apa kek
      biar bisa silaturahmi gitu kkk

      EXO mempertemukan kita

      apa kabar? gimana summer schoolnya? :D

    4. baik kq...hahahahha..km ap kbr? summer schoolny ud beres..skg ak ud d indo lg..hhahahahhaha...

    5. kabarku pengen balik lmao

      aaah~ kuliah dimana kamu? :o

    6. ak kul d ausi..cmn skrg ud beres..hehehehe..km ms d kor?

    7. owah~ kuliah di Aussie, serunyaaa~ beres? udah mau lulus gitu?

      ngga lah uda di Indo, mo nyelesain kuliah disini, semoga bisa cepet-cepet out ke negara lain ehehe

  2. susah juga ternyata ikutan fansign harus beli banyak album trus pesertanya mesti dipilih lagi TT.TT

    1. iya gitu, luck matters lah~ yang penting sabar dan doa :3

      aku juga sempet 'gagal' kan :3
      good luuuck >_<

  3. ya ampun, ternyata ikut fansign tuh untung untungan, yaa emang worth it sih, how lucky, hope someday I'll attend a fansign just like you >///<


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