[fanacc] EXO 130721 Mokdong Hot Tracks Fansign (part. 2)

all things happened are based on my opinion, not exaggerated, and subjective by me. please don't take my opinion seriously, because we might be cross minded
and sorry for no photos or videos, it was simply prohibited 

here I am, the most-heart-thumping-moment (?)
*okay I am playing Hug Album on My iTunes, to liven my memories kyaaa >///<*

before EXO came to the venue, I had like 1 hour 30minutes to calm myself~
it was a looong 1 hour 30 minutes ... ;_;

and surprisingly
I was so lucky, my seat number was 7 (it was random-ly drawn) *lucky number* and that means, I SAT IN FRONT OF THE STAGE
OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!

I don't know how they decide the number, but I don't care because
I AM IN FRONT OF THEM (second row)

after-freaking-1 hour and 30 minutes *and more I guess*
it was around 6.10 p.m or something
EXO members popped out one by one

OKAY it was like a light shone on the stages, it was 12 of them *okay I am little exaggerating*
after they do the usual "WE ARE ONE" greeting they sat on their own chair, and the fan sign was ready to began...

although I was super freaking nervous, I tried to prepare what I want to say~ since it might be my FIRST AND MY MY LAST CHANCE TO SEE AND TALK TO THEM IN PERSON ;_;
(I will write in order, according to their seat order, the red color is what I want to say, and orange color is what the real dialogue)

1. Chanyeol:

not a fan of him, but surprisingly he was nice to me

ME : HAI!!! *singing voice*
CL  : HAI!!! *I guess he greeted me in English too* Where are you come from
CL : WHOAH! *he looked excited*
ME : *I guess, I said* See you in Indonesia ! *or something* Thank You
CL : Thank You

2. Kris:

I wanted to say, YOU KNOW I AM MENTALLY MARRIED TO YOU *I know it is silly, and his expression was kinda cold, but since I love that kind-of-tsundere guy, I try to calm my~ *

You know, he is the MAIN ENGLISH SPEAKER in EXO, so I hope I could tell him lots of things, but he was so cooold, I wanna cryyy~~~ baby whyyyy
KR : HI!
*sign* *I asked him to give me more 'heart-sign'

* and then I passed a super silly gift, it was a badge that include mondayinsahara.blogspot.com, I know he is rich, he looked disgusted with my silly gift hahaha, I should give him more precious thing like... MYSELF hahahah, I guess my badge ended up in the un-recycle-able trash can, or on the middle of street because it was too small, honestly I have no Idea that we can bring a gift, so it was like last minutes plan*   
but hopefully he keep it, at least take a look... ONCE at my blog >///< if yes, shout out please, I will make a tumblr dedicated for you! I promise, I will make a fan fiction to gain your popularity hahaha
oh yeah one thing I remembered, he like to take a peek to the next girl whom going to his place, maybe he was nervous in front of me #slap .. stop your delusional!, okay thank you.. I am about to end now, HE IS PERFECT, but he looks the same ... 'as seen on TV' ... yeah yeah

ME : so this is for you *passed the badge, and then I rushed to the next member*

3. Sehun

I swear he looked so soft and eat-able like a tofu with a (edit) salty-soy-sauce, he has a freaking white complexion ~ and I want to shout BABY!!! *but honestly I am afraid to Kris, so I didn't do that*

ME : HI!!!
SH : * I guess he said Annyeonghaseyo*
~ I don't remember anything, he was quiet, and I am still frozen by Kris cold - tsundere - loveable - attitude ~ 
4. D.O

ME : HI!!!
DO : HI!
DO : Thank youuu~

*end* honestly I like his priceless expression since I watched weekly idol  ~

5. Baekhyun

ME : HI!!!
BK : HI!!! or annyeong
ME : eh you're brother is so handsome *it was a message from my friend, and I guess he didn't really understand #slap*
BK : Thank You!!!


6. Lay

this mister shining dimple, graaaaw!!! I want to make him smile for me forever! I swear his smile + his dimple is the best combination, omg! he smile genuinely to me lots of time, I am glad I got no noose bleed lol *but then I remember his ex-gf huhu she must be so happy back then, so sad - when they have to be separated ;_;*

ME : HI!!!
LY : Oneun nara saram? *where are you come from*
LY : Terima Kasih
ME : sama-sama, how do you know! kyaaa
LY : *he smiled, the best smile* Thank you
I guess I said, "See you in Indonesia!"

7. *insert: the most handsome alive-in-real-life* HUANG ZITAO

oooh~ he is my baby baby baby * I will sing the girl version of My Lady *
ME : HI!!! *half happy half nervous and wanted to k*** him, his so perfect everything combined perfectly*
TAO : annyeong!
ME : HI! I am also AB
TAO : really?!?
ME : yeah
*I made a squeezing gesture in front of him*
* than he smile at me, like a baby leopard, YES! if you saw the published picture you can see he wore a cat headband, and he was ultra-cute, like a baby leopard, my favorite animal*   
note in real life in my opinion he look the best and then Lay + Jongdae too :p

8. Chen

ME : HI!!!
CN : HIII!!! *or annyeong*
ME : I love your voice
CN : Thank You
*and then he shot me with the you-know-that-killer-smile, yeah nuna melted Jongdae-aaaa!!!*


9. Suho

yes, he is handsome, as seen on tv, but I am not biased, because he have is kinda you know~ good guy look + image hahah, 
so everything is normal

10. Minseok oppa~ eh ! Xiumin

*he is so cute and sometimes he made a funny expression, the more I see him, the more I couldn't believe that he is one year older than me, very cuteee~*

ME: HI!!!
XM : HI!
ME : I like your voice! I hope you sing more!!!
*end* eh I forgot the ending but it was normal ~

11. Luhan

*as seen on TV, an older boy who looks like a living doll to me, thin arms, big eyes, LIKE A LIVING PORCELAIN DOLL*

12. Kai

I have no Idea what to said, not a big fan, he is okay, not as tan as I thought, my skin is darker #slaps, and I am not impressed with his blonde hair sooo
~conclussion : it was hard to communicate in English, I should have polished my Korean before, and more diligent, but at least I talked to them, last time I had a fansign with *no-other than* U-KISS I was just froze especially in front of Kim Jaseop...~

maybe next time ~★★★★★★★★★★★★

until now I am still remaining sad that I couldn't understand what they said ;___;-, but I'll made some point about what little thing I catched:

- I heard EXO member called Xiumin as Naruto-chan
- They said it was their last fansign *aaah lucky me*, but they will comeback soon right?!?
- I feel fatherly attitude from Kris to Sehun >///< ... yes~ papaaa~ ♥♥♥  
- Kai + Luhan was kinda playful, they acted as cameraman, when Suho was 'interviewed' by Tao, BaekHyun, Chanyeol and Chen it was cute, on the other side Kris wanted to join themm but I guess he didn't know what to do, so he just walked back and forth
- Sehun, Kris, Xiumin is on the quiet team...esp Sehun, but Xiumin had more expressions

*that's all I can remember, I will update if I remember something*
 oh yeah:

oh yeah I forgot to add these, a lots of member re-read and mentioned my 'name' which is Sri kkk, they looked surprised and always re-assuring, kkk so cute~ all of them, all of them was like "스-리?!?", then I said "yeaaaaaaaah!!!" *in my most drunken rasta tone lol*

1. cover 2. Kris's sign (yeah I made him put MOARRR abstract love-sign hahaha, LOVE YOU!) 3. Tao's sign >///<
p.s : Why Sri? Because for me those sign aren't really for me, I dedicated it to my Girls, ukhti_deul, who given me a lot of support until I have this chance
I like 'Sri', for me it's like typical Java-Girl name, which we are :3!!!



meet my cute fellow exo fans, she is Chanyeol's fans, so young and cute
I knew her at the venue, I am glad she was sat beside me and she can speak English >///<
김 정

 she is kyuuuut-er in real life, especially when she was nervous
and I made her guessed how old I am, she said "20!" 
halaaaa!!! I AM 20 yes yes I am lol~ *dancing*


*this is one in a lifetime experience sooo~ sorry! I use this video, which thumbnail is my face lol*

one closing word:
"There is no thing such as pure luck, luck is the fruit of passion and determination" 


  1. MADAAAMM REALLY おつかれさまdesuuuuuu~ m(_ _)m

    you've been through a lot, but bless this month, Ramadhan Kareem!

    i remember that time you failed to get in the lottery and we ended up unboxing XOXO album together through LINE lol

    i just.. i knew that when you met papa on radio earlier that month, you'll get to meet him in person.

    i guess this way we don't need to interrogate you next time we meet? hahahah
    uhhuhu chen... CHEN.. my Tahsyin ;; i can only imagine that killer smile he gave you

    after all your effort though, personally, to be put into SRI is just too much huhuu

    anyway, i'm glad you get to have unforgettable experience before you got back.

    i guess next will be me? *hopefully hopefully Choshinsei oppar ;;* HAHAHAH

    i think meme and me going to rise up your blog traffic, and hope that the experience, the tutorial will come handy to other people.

    p.s: how to start talking to other fan, like you said in your entry? bc i think.. i need to learn that if i'm going to events like this ;;

    1. which fan?
      I just started with "do you speak English" ... and everything went smoothly, since basically she is nice, everyone is excited about english-speaking-foreigner-though

      P.S: I you guys want, I can re-tell the same story like hundred million times, but don't make me type it again

      YES ! YES ! next is gonna be YOU! nana-nunaaa

  2. YIHAAAA!!!! FINALLY YOU'VE GOT IT!!! *throw confetti*
    I really teary read your message at line~~
    surely this fansign really memorable and will be your everlasting memory with your "family2an" kkkkk..


    see you soon at your lovely hometown~~ :3
    *today we'll meet tough* lol

    1. you did cry?!? mwahahah
      aaaawww my "family2an" I feel this is the first and the last, but I don't know
      I might get my REAL FAMILY, so I wont worry about these things in the future lol

      LAAAY ♥___♥

  3. aaaa...sri
    bisa jelasin gimana caranya biar bisa ikutan fansign kayak gini?
    pake syarat apa aja?
    beruntung bangett bisa dapet barisan didepan ^^

    1. ahahaha, namaku bukan Sri loh sebenernya itu nama persembahan untuk cewek2 Indonesia :p

      kalo buat duduk barisan depan itu , hanyalah keberuntungan,

      kalo mo nyoba peruntungan baca postingan yang ini deh : http://mondayinsahara.blogspot.com/2013/07/fanacc-exo-130721-mokdong-hot-tracks.html

      makasih sudah mampir^^


  4. 3 kata.... Daebak..daebak...daebak... haha~
    How lucky~

  5. gimana cara ikutan fansign ?


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