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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Nyobain Jimjilbang di Korea~

Yang suka nonton drama Korea atau ngikutin Korean Variety Show pasti paham deh jimjilbang apaan

a gentleman's dignity 2012 still episode 7 yi soo me ah ri jimjilbang sauna
credits to : http://tigersallconsumingbooks.blogspot.com/2012/06/k-drama-review-gentlemans-dignity_7301.html

iya tempat sauna itu,
nah kebetulan tahun 2013 kemarin waktu ikutan summer program di Chonnam National University di kota Gwangju saya di ajakin sama para buddies (semacam pendamping kelompok gitu) buat nyobain jimjilbang, yang pastinya ngga ada di Indonesia 
(atau cuma belum ada aja mungkin, ATAU AKU YANG NGGA TAU)

bantet banget -_-

jadi ya jimjilbang ini semacam tempat yang dipenuhi ruang-ruang sauna gitu, dan suhu nya bermacam-macam, seinget saya yang paling tinggi itu sekitar 40derajat celcius, saya sih nyobain semuanya, dasarnya orang Indonesia, apalagi saya asli Surabaya, jadi yaaa~ tahan-tahan aja sih kena suhu panas
selain ruang sauna, di dalem jimjilbang juga ada semacam kursi pijat, sepeda buat treadmill, mesin arcade game sama ada TV layar datar buat ditonton rame-rame intinya jimjilbang itu bisa dibilang tempat buat relaks – sesantai-santainya.

(asli! selesai sauna rasanya seger banget)

selain ruang sauna, juga ada ruang es, apa tuh?
ya kalau sauna kan tempat yang suhunya tinggi kalo ruang es tempat yang suhunya rendah (saya sih ngga nyobain hehe)
biasanya setelah berpeluh-peluh di ruang sauna, kegiatan di jimjilbang di akhiri dengan mandi, karena ada semacam ruang jacuzzi sama shower

yang bikin kaget
disana orang-orangnya bener-bener bugil ngga pake baju ><
karena ngga PD sih waktu itu saya memilih ngga mandi, jadi mandi di asrama aja hehe
yang seru nih, di jimjilbang disediain ruang buat tidur, jadi ngga heran kan tokoh di drama Korea kalo stres suja kabur ke jimjilbang karena dengan +/- 7oooKRW kita bisa stay disana sampe 24jam, kalo mau nambah ya bayar lagi
dan.. agaknya ini bisa jadi alternatif kalo mau hidup hemat waktu traveling ke Korea, nginep aja di Jimjilbang hahaha


nah sebelum masuk ke area sauna kita dikasih ‘seragam’ tuh biar nyaman pas keringetan hihi
itu ditengah ada semacam menu wajib di jimjilbang jadi kayak es yang rasanya manis gitu, terus cemilannya telur rebus (yang suka nonton drama Korea pasti paham betul nih)

tempat loker dan ruang mandi perempuan

jadi kalo Korea kayaknya mampir ke jimjilbang itu harus pake banget deh, karena akan jadi salah satu serpihan pengalaman tak terlupakan di Korea^^
semoga bermanfaat ^^

N.B : ini postingan diikutin kontes, jadi bahasanya agak ngga jelas :3
+ stok foto yang kurang aduhai - keasyikan dan memilih ngga bawa hape hehe
karena sayang jadi di post ulang disini

Friday, June 6, 2014

Maleficent - "Don't Believe The Fairy Tale"

so I went to movie theater today, and without any doubt I chose to watch Maleficent
well, have to admit that I didn't had a high expectation into that movie
I thought it was a - regular - disney movie
but surprisingly, I am...pleased with this movie

it's interesting to put a villain as a main-character,
at least that's how people (on the movie) call and treat her

but before, I never knew what's her... motivation,
and from that point of view, I remembered certain people that I am considering them as a 'villain in my life'
it made me wonder... and wondering now, are they a true villain?
well, sorry my ego said yes they are

but that's not the point,// what got me interested was...
I learn about:

 believe the fairy tale >> believe your dream >> believe yourself
because I believe in Cinderella story lol
"how to face a crisis"
based on Maleficent's experience

any crisis,
I mean Maleficent
she was pretty much a heroin, her life WAS perfect, she was a fairy the strongest one that no one couldn't beat her, until someone took what's the most important thing in her life,

well, in my point of view, she isn't instantly become a villain,
but her revenge changed he
her anger and her sadness take over her 'true self' and it affects what's around her, and the worst it affects her aura, and Moors (the place where she lives) turns into a dark and gloomy place, when it was a lovely place...

it made me think
deep within my mind 

1. how much you got disappointed by someone
you better don't hold a grudge,
bad words you said might be affect...
well, I am a type of person who will say no word when I got disappointed, simply I just curse them inside and hope that certain person will get 'destroyed', so I guess I have to change, just forgive and forget and and send a good wishes,

challenge accepted!
(uuurgh hard challenge) 

2. true love,
does exist (errr, it's not an attempt to be cheesy)
again Maleficent taught me
true love is
someone who will unconditionally happy when you're happy
someone who will unconditionally sad when you're sad
think about a face
who might have the loudest cry when you're die
(aaa~ I got teared)
ask yourself

3. don't believe what people said,
well I always repeat this on my head
"trust nobody but yourself"

when everybody says a bad thing about something then your heart says no
then believe what's your heart said
when everybody say "YOU CAN'T MAKE IT"
then listen to your voice within
if you think you can make it
the very first person you have to convince is yourself...

4. remember about King Stefan (Aurora's dad)

well he was 'eaten' by his fear
well, I was once in his condition fyi -- so 'don't let your fear drives you !'
because it will just hold you back from being productive

(from behindthescene)

wish me luck
my thesis
my future plans is waiting for me to be realized
and oh! still have several new year resolutions to be fulfilled

note : it's not necessary, but... I think he is not a bad guy, I said so and... he suddenly appeared
I am not readyyy !!!  

Sunday, June 1, 2014

HAPPY MID - 2014 !!!

you never know what will happen exactly in the future
like totally have no clue

when I wrote before that I hope that I can quit from being a 'fan' of EXO -- then 5months later Kris decide to --insert something you know nothing about happened-- and now EXO is active as 11 member-ed group... and people starting to turned their back on him and calling him betrayal,

and least than a month things also starting to change, like I don't enjoy 'overdose' as much as before, but yay! sometimes Yixing in black hair distracts me as always #sekteLay -- and I found looking at Tao-Hun as my 'kids' are not as lovely and heartwarming as before, does it mean that

I am over with EXO?
still can't 'decide' actually, 

but that's MEAN! ONE OF MY NEW YEAR RESOLUTION HAS GRANTED - ACCOMPLISHED ... but somehow I feel empty sometimes, like aargh can't mock at Kris anymore
anyway, "Welcome to jungle Pah! hope you're doing what you want ACTUALLY IN YOUR LIFE now", somehow I feel you never been sincere on screen, like there is something you hide, like...you didn't showed your real 'face'.
 Okay enough with my '6th sense wannabe moment'

Thank you, you made me accomplish one of my new year's resolution, but I am supporting you, do what you love, maybe you couldn't love what you do
(btw if you're really going to be an actor just release a movie already or at least be a cameo, even Morgan and Bastian got a main role at some soap opera, after quit from SM*SH / CJR so please lemme laugh at you once more)

but this one is kinda unexpected
Busker-Busker is gonna disbanded soon, sooner or later, at least that's what I read... everywhere - and I chose to believe it
huuu~ I like your music guys, tho I only remember Brad's name...

no one can predict what is going to be happened -- see through the future...
so make sure that you always says a good thing -- things that you mean for -- things that you wish it will happen sooner or later

and I have to repeat this million times that I have to do what I love,  


by the way:

-- The Barberettes jjang!!! --
nice song-cute and inspiring movie video-

and they inspired me to get a sunnies !!!

sunnies x any clothes = 'coolness'
but it's pretty tiring to collect a sunnies when you have nearsighted eyes,  

and catching sun, and live in vintage filter (???)

well at least for now I have to ;deep sigh; finish what I have to finish --
than do what I love
(hey I love my thesis theme *cough*)

who knows what will happen in the future
who knows what will happen to you - to us
who knows where your sloppy words --came from you mouth/hand without you notice-- will take you
so make sure to always says things, that you want it to be happened
and always do WHAT YOU LOVES 
- YOLO -
and buy at least one cute - and match with any clothes - sunnies 

 WELL HAPPY MID 2014 ! how many of your new year resolution got accomplished?
aand Marhaban Ya Ramadhan :')
(what! it's about d-28 to Ramadhan again)



Friday, May 9, 2014

Mabok Kopi Pait ~O.ver.do.se~ (Coffee Class by KOPI COK)

eyy malem

I've been neglected my blog recently~
but tbh I always monitors this blog :p
talking about priorities TT___TT :
1. Olshop
2. Olshop
3. Olshop
*I have decided my post graduate plan already, ffuffu*
*talking about combining kebaya and boots #plak*

and the rest are talking 'shyuuush' by being @SRINOGOsari at/twitter

btw hari ini,

malem ini, can't sleep, can't eat I am sick,

salahku sih kenapa diterusin

karena aku ngga pernah tau
kalo... kopi pait tanpa gula itu sejatinya enak...

dan jantung lemah ini ngga menolong, 
maksudku >> jantung lemah + kopi = kolaps 
..apalagi efek kopi yang bikin, perasaan 'hyper' mendadak, semacam... terlalu senang - terbang melayang - berbunga-bunga -- itu yang terjadi sekarang, saat postingan ini diluncurkan...

jadi, hal 'omong kosong' apa yang kulakukan hari ini?
well, bukan omong kosong juga sih

semacam terdorong rasa ingin tahu
semacam terdorong ingin jadi pemilik coffee shop dimasa depan, 
-- dengan nuansa furnitur kayu, pramusaji tampan dan BGM lagu-lagu folk --
terdengar indah, dan sempurna kan
dimana di kota ini (Surabaya) aku  bisa menemukan tempat seperti itu

dan jangan lupa tambahkan bagian wifi speed >1mb/sec !

nb : oh syuuush, kenapa random play the itunes ini semacam mendukung suasana hati><,

semacam teringat perasaan harus begadang ketika ada ujian marketing class waktu Summer Session di CNU~ oooh miss those days, aku mau jadi 외국 학생 lagi!!! *amiin*

sampe mana tadi
oh ya, ngapain:



dan.. sungguh itu menyenangkan sekali, maksudnya...
ya itu kembali ke faktor 'semacam rasa ingin jadi pemilik coffee shop la la la'

Ilmunya sih semacam sangat dasar sih, dimana aku orang yang sekedar suka cium aroma kopi, karena ngga berani minum kopi, kasian jantung sih TT_TT 

ilmunya sih macam:

1). perbedaan biji kopi robusta vs kopi arabika *semacam jenis paling umum*; kopi arabika ukurannya lebih kecil dan lonjong, kopi robusta lebih besar - cenderung bulat
2). daerah penanamannya

3). KOPI TERBAIK ITU ADA DI : Indonesia (disebut pertama karena subyektif, suka sama Indonesia), lantas di Afrika dari Ethiopia sama Kenya (oh! KENYA!!! no wonder di Korea banyak coffee shop merk 'Kenya', mungkin nge-hitsnya setara coffee toffee kalo disini)
-- intinya tumbuh bagus di daerah tropis lah --

BLESS INDONESIA!!! yuuuk anak Indonesia di sayang negaranya *self-talking*

4). macam-macam istilah; sebagai berikut:

- roasting kopi: yaitu semacam 'memasak' biji kopi sebagai langkah awal biar bisa dinikmati >> semakin matang maka rasanya makin pekat, vice versa

- body: berkaitan sama tingkat 'kepekatan kopi', jadi kalo body-nya makin tinggi yaah makin pekat gitu deh

- brewing: ngga dijelasin-jelas sih, cuma yaa intinya menyeduh kopi gitu deh ya~ ;;)

(apalagi ya, yang kepikir cuma itu, maaf :v)

ini dari sesama anggota asosiasi pemilik coffee shop
katanya: "fotoin kayak candid gitu dong"

5). kopi itu sensitif banget layaknya hati seorang gadis,contohnya ni:
- katanya di daerah Madura banyak tuh tanaman kopi yang di tanam sebelahan sama tembakau, dan believe it or not, rasanya ngaruh gitu

- AIR (yang di campur ke kopi) !!! YA SUHU AIR, MINERAL AIR, lalala .. ngaruh masa sama kualitas rasa kopi

- kopi itu: anti sama udara - cahaya matahari sama air - kan.. himono onna banget :p, ada 'varietas' gadis tertentu yang anti cahaya .. dan air *uhukk*

- tanah tempat tanaman kopi ditanam itu.. ngaruh sama rasa kopi / aromanya, kayak kopi dari Indonesia itu cenderung ada rasa rempah-rempahnya, hmmm yaaa karena Indonesia itu semacam daerah yang bagus kan rempah-rempahnya, kalo ngga gitu om-om dari Portugis ngga bakal kemari deh~
terus kayak daerah Amerika Selatan - Latina gitu -- kopinya akan memiliki sensasi 'fruity', NGGA PAHAM JUGA GIMANA (di endus-endus sampe gimana juga ngga muncul baru berry yang di maksud 'mas pemandunya' yah secara hari ini kan masih pertama kelas, semacam super awam, semacam non-kpoper belajar ngehafalin nama member exo satu-satu

itu deh contohnya

"kan... kopi itu sensitif banget kayak hati seorang gadis
bedanya, masih gampang kali ya mendapatkan secangkir kopi, kalo hati seorang gadis belum tentu semuanya gampangan buat dimiliki"
oke bye

6). dan.. part paling SUWERU .. nyobain aroma dan rasa kopi -- mulai dari versi mentah -- roasted -- udah jadi bubuk -- sampe di kasih air -- SAMPE YANG MENJELANG BUSUK !

ini yang nagih banget.. baru tau kalo kopi pait tanpa gula itu enak --cuma kasian sama jantung--
"kopi pait itu
emang paittt
pait tapi aku suka

kayak aku padamu bang"

cr : to Chere Mamie -- dunia harus tau aku bukan fans EXO aku #laystan - kay-bye

apparently ada 4 kopi tadi (dari pandangan orang awam calon pemilik coffee shop  nih ya): 

- kopi panama: semacam kopi paling fresh -- bau awalnya ngga enak -- semacam rempah banget -- rasanya makin lama akan jadi .. asem.. banget -- tapi ya enak

- kopi 'S' -- aku sebut kopi Sehun, karena... muda -- jadi ini kopi yang tingkat kesegarannya masih lebih rendah dari kopi panama, tapi seger yaah ibarat pemuda-pemuda usia 20-21 tahun lah, yang muda seger, ganteng -- makin lama makin asem - tapi masih lebih asem kopi panama --- paling suka yang ini sih, sejujurnya, ngga asem-asem banget~

 ini yang ibarat pemuda segar usia 20-21tahun, bikin nuna-nuna pun ikutan segar

- kopi 'K' -- aku sebut kopi Kris -- karena tua dan .. sedikit lame... jadi ini semacam kopi yang kurang fresh dan -- terlalu terpapar udara, jadi -- hampir kadaluarsa, BUKAN NGGA BISA DIMINUM, cuma 

udah ngga seger
kayak Kris 

- kopi 'G'.. *ngga punya 'pet name', maaf* -- ini kopi lebih 'basi' daripada kopi 'K', bau awalnya sih enak paling enak dibanding ke3 jenis kopi diatas - tapi rasanya 'BLEH'

'ibarat lamarin digantungin perusahaan/ skripsi digantungin dosen pembimbing 1 bulan, 
terus lamaran kerja/revisian DITOLAK'

7). apalagi ya


karena aku .. pengen jadi marketer yang baik, aku mau bilang lokasi nya 'KOPI COK' itu bagus dan menawan.. sungguh~ cuma kalo outdoor pasti rawan nyamuk di malam hari (kita masih belum mampu bayar perawatan laser, kalo sampe kaki kita bentol-bentol di gigit nyamuk, jadi mungkin bisa ada servis 'gratis losion anti nyamuk' gitu)

SAMA! mas-masnya ... plis jangan puter lagu-lagu rock - alternative, fitrahnya coffee shop cakep itu bgm nya semacam lagu genre folk, jazz, bossanova gitu lo, terus lampu-lampunya kalo bisa nuansa kuning ke emasan yah

salam pengusaha coffee shop/warung kopi dengan servis wifi speed >1mb/dtk

-- o o o --

dan hari ini ditutup dengan

(ngga bisa dibilang surprise juga karena dia udah ngerasa, tapi yaudahlah)

막내 !!! 생일축가합니당ㅇㅇㅇ~
lancar skripsinya
lulus yah tahun ini (aku juga plis)

lancar ya Baekhyun - nya (?) *asli random*


anyway .. di penghujung hari aku baru nyadar penampilanku maskulin banget... kenapa... ngga manis kayak gadis 23tahun yang lagi bersemi... kalo ngga manis ngga ada lebah yang tertarik dong, mending kalo ada bunga yang tertarik *eh*

ngerasa maskulin banget dah