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Friday, September 4, 2015


eyy! actually i have a task to write some article tonight
but I was just couldn't write anything, and went to aff instead

yeah I am still a sucker for a fluffy - love hate - cheesy - high school-y story
*because I think that won't be happen
at least in my life
a tree which won't bloom any rose
why why why

how could you did this to me
torture me
have we meet before
do I even know you?
do I know your name?

picture taken from : pinterest via google

If I find you
you have to pay me a cup of coffee latte!
and you better put ma face as the latte art
d*mn you

how are you?
had your dinner yet?

see you~


ooouch how can I be nation's 'Chill' representative 
if I am weak like this

Monday, July 27, 2015

baluran and the wind's song

let's built a tent on the savanna
milky way as the blanket
grass and ground as the bed

then let's make a vow
let the night sky become witness
and wind as the background music

 I'm nervous

 taken at Baluran, Situbondo - East Java, Indonesia
with ASUS Zenfone 5
July 26th, 2015

Saturday, July 4, 2015

other person's story, could be a message for us (edited)

"Jadi ceritanya kemarin, saya dapat cerita
salah satu kawan lama saya 
akan segera menikah dalam waktu dekat
dan yang lebih mengejutkan, 
penampilannya berubah
jadi lebih, ehmmm religius.

Ternyata,  ceritanya
dia bertemu dengan calon suaminya di tanah suci
saling bertemu cuma dua kali

sebagai orang asing

masih sebagai orang asing
tapi kemudian saling kenalan
tidak lama
sang lelaki langsung melamar teman saya


is it because the tarawih prayer was so peaceful
or because it's the 17th day of Ramadhan, 
the moon is ultimately beautiful
round, shining bright
with a few thin cloud surrounding it
or is it because I am reading a fanfiction 
/which touches me/
or because I am listening to G.Soul's new single all over again:
and his voice just sweep me over

this night just feels different,

but my friend's story from the other day
make me believe that

Cinderella's Story does exist
fallin' for a stranger is possible

and know 
all I wanna do now is
take some career quiz
to find out
which career path suit me most

Saturday, June 27, 2015

remember summer 2012 : midnight sun (edited)

it was a normal-confusing night, 
after finished translating my junior's thesis abstract
I watched some Bangtan Boy's video,
plus some rounds of Let's Get Rich

I got dragged by my summer 2012's memories,
Inha University campus, 
dorm - 4th floor
the room at the end of the aisle,
my bunk bed
where I used to listens to Beast - Midnight Sun


didn't live in Seoul tho, but I spent a lot of time at subway
I remember my ride with that subway
people inside starring at me
because I am 'weird'
then a strange garlic aroma passing :)
*and why do I keep posting this subway song everywhere*

it was also Ramadhan, 
it was also Friday
it was also night


and 'what if thoughts' keeps bothering me
what if everything was okay
what if I didn't accepted as a GIP member
what if I started my thesis earlier
what if I... was just being normal
what if.....

mood : Beast 'Midnight Sun' + 지하철 노래