I know it's still Saturday, both in Surabaya and Seoul

I have nothing to do, and I might not gonna make a post on Monday, I might be on a trip *I wish kkk*

so it's been 5days already I am living in Seoul, living in my hostel around Hongdae, it's a great place actually, for those WHO LOVES to clothes shopping *lots of K-style stuffs here, and I hear everything cheaper here* and dining out and going to club ._.
and since I don't feel like to spend my money on clothes and food yet, I decided to stay on hostel and sit in front of my laptop, sharing things to those who care *care? more into who wants to know kkk*

*sorry for my 'easy english' sorry if there is any grammar mistakes*


back to Wednesday, a.k.a my second day in S.Korea
I went farming !!!

yes!!! like the playst*tion game called Harvest Moon *used to played it a lot when I was a kid* 
it was so much fun!!!

so~ THANKS TO WWOOF KOREA for held the event

the event called "Get Your Hands Dirty, Eat Local" by WWOOF Korea and Slow Food Asia 

it was my first time to attend an event by WWOOF, and I can say nothing but it was amazing!
I was introduced to WWOOF by myself actually *slaps*

no no..
so you guys have to know that I WANNA GO TO JAPAN SO~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

and as a *cough* poor student I mean I have no income but from my parent ;_:
I have to find a way to travel in a smart way and also with a small budget, and I found that we can do a voluntary work, 
and blablabla lulu lala... I find this 'WWOOF'

but! as for now my chance is to come to Korea *praise to God*
and I want to travel in different way, 
and thanks God for lead my way into this event

so what Get Your Hands Dirty, Eat Local is?
it's an event by WWOOF, which we become a one day farmer!
mine was at Hansol farm 

-We were picking strawberries
because summer is coming, so we have to be in hurry, or the strawberries taste might change

-and then, picking eggs
it was pretty sad actually kkk, when I entered one of the chicken coop, and about to picked the egg, the hen made a 'crying voice' oooh, sorry mama hen ;__;

-after that I was moving soil into chicken coop,
I guess that was the hardest thing *since I am not a sporty kind person*, until now, the skin around my arm still blue-ish ;_;
BUT NO NO NO, it was all worth it!!!

-and the last but not the least
planting some plant, which Mr. Byungsoo couldn't name it in English, he said it's a plant which is use as one of a ingredients in Korea's traditional candy or something

and the best part was, I gained a lot of friends, from several countries, we shared some conversation, and it was so cool~ cause we talked about cool topics kkk, how everyone have their own live goals, visions and missions, so I can look into mine, and adjust it, and hopefully we can be a person which able to make the world into a better a place

and also it was a pleasure to met Mr. Byungsoo he is such an inspiring person, how he traveled around the world, and learned a lot of things, and now he is living in his farm, for the future of the next generation and organic farming!

so have you checked your future goal, will it affect the future generation? of course in a good way :D~
let's make the world or at least the place we live into a better place...

Thank You WWOOF Korea, Thank You Mr. Byungsoo and Family, Thank You Kota-san, Minjoo-sshi, Wendy, Sean, GwangJae, Unniedeul JeongHee and JiEun, Ben, Soyeon, Dan, DANBI~ and all of the US-army soldiers

it was a very very very beyond lovely moment

*as I said, you know it's my first time traveling solo, and by joined this event, I don't think I am alone and different anymore xD*

Let's keep in Touch and see you all again in the future!
call me if you guys going to Indonesia, I will be a host kkk 


aah~ I never thought that WWOOFing could be so interesting and valuable, I hope more people join this,
and I made a promise to myself there is gonna be a one day when I WWOOFing again, *hopefully in Japan* aaand of course if there is a chance I will do it in Indonesia, cause I LOVE INDONESIA!!! >///<

LOOK AT MY SHOES!!! >_< I had a hard time cleaned it kkk
 my outfit of the day~ countryside diary style *BGM T-Ara N4*

the best lunch so far~~~ ALL ORGANIC!!! and slow food kkk
slow food is the opposite of FAST FOOD!!!

or I can say slow food means, the foods which prepared in slow pace... so it's more healthy and natural xD

*pictures credits to : Kota-san*


  1. and you know this by searching on wwoof Japan?
    seems fun! i should apply to one!
    looks like a worthy experience and works to gain some friends from other countries too :D

    1. YEPPP!!! you know my bigest obession gurl ... I can't explain what I feel (?)

      YES YOU M-U-S-T !!!

  2. riaaa, menyenangkan sekali nampaknya *pingin *.* hihi

    1. memang menyenangkan >_<

      harus coba! eh kalo di Indo ada seru juga em

    2. iya nih, harus coba :D
      kalau d indo ada, pingin daftar

  3. Lho dek, kamu lagi di korea lagi ta ini? O_O
    WWOF itu program kayak gimana lagi >_<

  4. Hallo! Nyari2 ttg WWOOF Korea akhirnya nyasar ke sini ^^ Mau tanya, aplikasi visanya tetap visa turis biasa ya? Wah pingin banget nih... :)

    1. waduh di komen dedengkot backpackers nih >///<

      iya sih, pake VISA turis yang tiga bulan itu sih saya, tapi itu juga barengan sama summer school ke Koreanya ^^

      iya seru banget WWOOF :D, pengen coba yang lama :D

  5. Hallo mbak, saya baru surfing2 soal WWOOF dan tiba2 mampir di blog ini.. hehe
    gini mbak, saya mau tanya, kalo mau ikut WWOOF itu gimana ya persyaratannya? udah baca2 di situsnya tapi masih blm paham juga proses rincinya >.<
    tolong kalo mbak berkenan bisa share infonya, makasih sebelumnya.
    have fun there! :)

    1. halooo

      jujur aja program yang sy ikutin ini cuma one-day program waktu itu isi waktu karena sy mau ikut summer school di CNU

      setauku cara ikut yang program berbulan-bulan itu
      pertama harus daftar mau gabung di negara yang dituju, kemudian ada biaya buku
      nah di buku itu ada list2 farm yang bisa dipilih

      semoga membantu
      n.b : hopefully bisa ikut yang program berbulan-bulan di masa depan :D

  6. mba husni, bulan maret nanti juga aku ikut exchange student di CNU, waktu itu mba dapet info programnya darimana yah? mau ikut volunteering juga di korea nih biar berkesan

  7. Mba husni, gimana caranya biar bisa melancong ke luar negeri dengan program WWOOF, apakah berbayar ?

  8. Sebelumnya apa mbak hhusni punya pengalaman bekerja di peternakan/perkebunan.

    Karena sebenarnya saya tertarik. Tapi saya tidak punya pengalaman di bidang tersebut. Terimakasih

  9. Dari dulu mau banget jadi Volunteer. Boleh minta kontaknya ka? Ku mohonnπŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»


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