perks of traveling solo : Seoul Edition

hola Amigo!!!

I am on a third week of my stay in South Korea~ lol
see!!! I couldn't post anything last Monday *which I posted something on Saturday as a change*

and as I am writing this post now, I've entered the school yay!!!
Chonnam National University 
yay! there are a lot of differences between summer school back at Inha University and at CNU, but I won't talk about it~ since yeaah!!! it just 4days I've been living in Gwangju and the class just started today
so it might be a topic for the future~


as you guys read on the title

now I want to pour this post with my feeling, as my debutante *hey! you're not an aristrocat* as a solo traveler for a week~ yohoo

as from what I observed, being a solo traveler has it's own advantages as well as it's disadvantages
the hardest part is... I am a talkative person! I like to talks a lot, so... yeah internet gave a lot of help for me! Thank You phone, wifi and chat app
but, sometimes on the other side, people from where you live also had something to do, so that means you have to find someone else~
which is someone in the same place as where you are

so it is very recommended to stay at a hostel in a female dorm *but if you have a guts you can stay at mix dorm girls! it's waay cheaper*, 
as how I were, I stayed at a female dorm, it's cheaper and at least I made one friend a nice girl from Hongkong, my roommate whom stay at the hostel for 3months *she is on a internship, kewl! ikr*

wish to see you again in the future \o/

one of a cute shops at insadong, some cultural shopping street

 pretty sight around insadong~

more pretty shop at Hongdae, MORE!!! just the price is not pretty at all!!!

Korean Summer dish : Cold Naengmyon, yes noodle and ice, my lips were frozen

she took me to eat good food and sight-seeing to several place, a kind-of free to visit place kkk

other way to chase the loneliness when you traveling solo is, to contact someone whom studying at the country you go. I am glad my friend introduced me to a girl, an it was a pleasure, because she made a plan to meet her fellow scholarship achiever, and somehow it inspire me!!! kkk, aah I wish I can be part of those people, but honestly I don't talk about South Korea only, it could be anywhere else, to study aboard~

yay! inspired, kisskiss sister Rabitha lol

 postal museum, cost : free!!! *location near myeongdong*

at KTO office in Seoul

and last attempt, since I am in South Korea now, live as a fangirl and be the part of it's world
to be honest, I am kinda afraid to reveal myself as fangirl *and I am afraid of high-schooler fangirl*, I am way to old!!! but the destiny take me to someone on twitter, a gorgeous tall girl form Poland, Ada, who is very very determinant I envy her experience met Beast and EXO lots of time, I am lost at her determination >_<

 bigest jealous factor : SHE APPEARED ON BEAST LATEST MV *dies*

for example how she stay over night outside mnet studio to see EXO comeback at the following day! *but I guess I won't go that far, never ._. *
oh yeah there are one more way to get a new friend from solo traveling, it's like jablay method, I mean just go to couchsurfing or some chat web, and tell the local people or fellow traveler that you're going somewhere and wants a meet up~ and that works from me, I knew some local people, but sadly at that time those people I knew is kinda busy, so we couldn't meet, saaad maybe next time

so those are some disadvantages *being alone, nobody to talk to* and some advantages *chances to meet a new friend*

the advantages; I feel my time were much more flexible I can do anything I want at anytime mwahahaha~to be honest I made no itinerary at all~ AT ALL!!! yeaah , I am too spontaneous I know, and it's not good fyi, at least if you have limited time and money

and the other thing which is valuable by traveling solo is chance to know yourself more, ahaha I know it sounds melancholic and weird but yeah I guess that's true, and you will know what you need the most at that time * I need my man from heaven #slaps *

and other than that I found this traveling solo thing is pretty interesting, because I planned to be busy all the time and want to contribute to society (?) by browsed for what to do like, WWOOFing and join some Korean class kkk *though there were a day when I only stay at room rolling on a bed* and I was also registered to some voluntary job, but ain't got time ;_;

after all I found this traveling solo thing is pretty interesting, and I am okay to do it once more or more, but honestly deep in my heart I like to travel with someone *moreover if its my man from heaven -again again and, please be considered with my my withered heart-*


oh yeah here is some hostel recommendation:

*you know the first one is where I stayed when I traveling solo, and the second one for the second week when my friend came*

1. Houestay at Hongdae 
*exit 7 Hongik University Station Subway*
female dorm : *it was around* Rp. 130k /night

my nest for a week

a pretty place, don't ask for the facility I'd say, SUPER SATISFIED
and the location was pretty much amazing,
Hongdae is like place for young people and art in Seoul, you can see some streets performances, and there will be free market near the university every Saturday, provide lots of unique and mostly hand-made stuffs, and for those who loves to shop, there are lots of clothes shops, typical Korean shops, pretty and cute

how to get there : just buy a subway ticket to Hongdae station the price was 3.900 won from the airport, pretty simple

2. Guesthouse Korea in front of Changdokgung 
*exit 4 Anguk Station Subway*
female dorm : *it was around* Rp. 180k/night

the interior might be not as fancy as Housetay but the place is also good and comfy, but the advantages might be it's located near lots of tourism place, such as Changdokgung itself, and around 15minutes walk to the infamous Gyeongbokgung plus Gwanghamun square, and with that if you want to save money for subway and rather walk it will lead you to Insadong and then Myeongdong *that Infamous shopping street in Seoul*

how to get there : get into bus to Changdokgung bus stop, the ticket price is 10.000won from the airport, hop from the bus and you need 10minutes walking

more option at hostels.com !


enjoy your favorite group at KBS radio
*first rule, you have to know their schedule at least*

how to get there : take subway to National Assembly and get out at exit 4 *just read the sign*

and then turn left, after that you'll see an intersection turn right and you will find KBS building, cross the street turn left walk ahead and after that turn right, just walk until you find a big stairs go up stair and you can see the radio

*heaven gate... little bite*

but just recommendation, rather than wait outside the radio, just go inside at the KBS cafe, because the idol group will pass by there, and if you're lucky, you might see them from very close distance
and Thanks God! I met EXO and VIXX at the same day, kyaaaa >///< still not enough, I wanna see them moreee moreee moreee!!!* 

see yaa~ hmm planing to post more than once in a week while I am here kkk, 

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