taken at rose garden of Everland

been M.I.A for 2weeks! and I am back now *sorry not on Monday though, I had my flight back home yesterday* 
so saaad~ I have to leave South Korea, for unreasonable - reason (?)

  honestly, I had a hard time, to be precise was : hard to manage my time
between study, socialize and leisure
seriously, now I am use to stay awake for whole night, because I did that when I had an exam on the following day
but now I am home, I am trying to be a better person in manage my time
moreover it's Ramadhan, I still have about 2weeks to improve my quality, Insya Allah


I promise this year will be better than last year
sharing is caring
eventhough I am a blogger which poor in reader number, I will still write and talk like there is someone listens to me~
new post might be in several hours :D
P.S: no more mondayinsahara.blogspot.co.kr back to normal mondayinsahara.blogspot.com ;_;

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