*aah so sad ~ no comments for last week's post*
though I always hopes that some people anticipated for my blog-post each week

this is just a long boring post
so skip these, if you have more important stuffs to do

emotionally, I bring a different feeling toward this post

it popped out few hours ago when I had a dinner
it just 
the land-of-many-people-been-dreaming-of
yes, I can say that

I know it's weird, I just realised that I am on my third weeks of staying here

I just realised
that it's been three weeks I didn't sleep in my room anymore
that it's been three weeks I passed a different road
with an unknown words in it's billboards *but thanks God I managed to know how to read it, without really understand it's actual meaning*
that it's been three weeks I didn't eat my favorite-local-dishes
that it's been three weeks I couldn't communicate with the woman from the restaurant that I visited
that it's been three weeks I contacted my mum, sis, bro and my girls via LINE, not see them in person
that it's been three weeks nobody really understand when I swore in my local language *except one girl*
that it's been three weeks 


in this most-wanted-country-to-be-visited-by-most-fangirls
in this not-so-rich-of-diversity-country
which it was obvious that I am a foreigner 
with this a piece of cloth covering my head
with this short-but-yeah-full-figure *okay I know that I have some accumulated fat in certain area*
with this noticeable dark skin 
and broken English

I like to be an alien

and this is not the end
I promise to myself that I will be an alien again
in other place
other country
when nobody will know who I am
when I will be an object to be seen
when I will be an object to be talked about

and I just don't simply want to be a tourist
live in a very short period 
I will make it as a study visit, or work, or *ehm* accompany my future husband to work or study aboard
but who knows

I know it's too early
but I am enjoying this alien feeling


okay done with my emotional feeling
but I like to be here
I like to be in this program
I like to meet many people, from various places
that I might never been there before
I like when I am listening to people speak in a languages that I don't understand
and then they speak in English with their own accents
* I guess I am not done yet lol*

but yeah
this past 2weeks as an International Summer Session Student is inspiring
I can read my personal future plan, add something and remove something regarding my future

but one thing for sure
this place is far from home
made a new kind of thirst for me
I am spiritually thirsty
this a month++ stay is not a new thing
but let say I've grown spiritually *I can't measure it actually, and I am not sure, have I grown?*
people do this and that
pursue this and that

we know life is not forever
there are after-life

I am not trying to be a preacher
but this is what I feel
deep down inside my heart

life is temporal thing

have you prepared for your journey to your eternal homey?

just ignore this if you have prepared a lot 
I envy you

and I believe some will just ignore this post
and think I am a total weird

because I am

last Saturday
I went to a movie

yeah a movie
in South Korea
the ticket price is killing me
and I don't really understand what the actors said, thanks to my bad English
and ...
the subtitle written in hangul *obviously, I didn't expect anything, don't worry*

the movie titled "World War Z"
but it was interesting
a lot of things popped in my mind
I made some conclusion

-  Gerry Lane (casted by Brad Pitt) is total ideal type, not because he is Brad Pitt *well, I never put him in my hot guy list* 
but because he is Gerry Lane a depend-able type of man, 
I feel I've been an independent girl for these past few years, but...maaan~ I am spoiled inside *yeah I have two personality*
how calm he were, when he got in so much troubles, I know I need this kind of person to complete my life (?)
I was almost teared up, I remember certain person whom abandoned me *don't ask me who*

- Zombie, is a non-sense, it will never appear in our life, my life
but have you realize
that certain people, organizations or anything, anyone

think about it
have you ask yourself
what do you do everyday
a constant thing
to reach an unknown ending
which ending do you expect

the ending of our life is not when we die
death is mostly a beginning of eternal live

so let's check one another 
are we a zombie
am I a zombie
what do you care in your live
if you just seek a happiness, I mean a blind one
a kind of happiness that make other side - other people suffers 
*like a zombie you eat other people, and make them the same like you*
a kind of happiness that harm other person's life
that harm your life
a happiness that only lasted for short time

than you are zombie
am I a zombie
I am still figuring
and I don't want to be one
let's correct and remind each other

the other conclusion, 
let me save it for myself
not for public kkk

see you next week~
I have a mid-term on Thursday ;___;
hooo~ so fast
don't want to leave *from this country* yet
wanna find myself~

but I am 'thirsty' lol

 photos taken at Suncheon Bay Garden Expo
credits by not-a-good-photographer ME


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