first impression to Seoul

as I've promised before, once I arrive at some place which provide a good internet connection I'll update how my life here kkk

start from... our arrival at the airport... hmmm nice airport <3 clean, yeaah typical modern country
to get the city, Seoul *well the airport is located in Incheon* we have to pay 10.000 KRW, we decided to took the bus, since we haven't adapted with the subway thing yet, plus we brought so many stuffs, and cab are pretty expensive ._. *poor us*

as for the accommodation, for the first three days our stay in Korea, we will spend it on Seoul, since the school is located in Incheon, we wanna know how is the famous city kkk
so we decided to stay in a hostel... since it's cheaper, all we need is some comfortable place to rest right?
we don't need it to be a ~ fancy place or something

so here it is : Korea Central Backpacker ^^v 

it's a female dorm, which means, we might stay in same room with stranger, but until I wrote this post, it's just three of us who stay in this room :D
the hostel also provide a WIFI connection, which is SUPER FAST hhohho
and the owner guy is pretty nice

and about the T-Money! yeaah there's a card a useful card called T-Money it's more like a debit card ...
you can use it to pay your subway expenses, bus expenses, cab expenses and at some restaurant, we can use this card as a payment *just if you have enough balance kkk*
you can get the card at the supermarket *the card itself cost 3000KRW* but I made 'a mistake' I bought the 'phone strap version' from the vending machine , which is much more expensive ;_; it cost 5000KRW *ah I wish I had chance to visit here again soon, so I can use that thing again #plak*

after buy the card you need to give a value to card, it depends on your need, whatever you like~

food?!? yeaah I just stayed here for a day, and I am fasting sooo~ I've eaten a fastfood only, which is safer :3

in my opinion: Seoul is similar to Singapore especially in summer, except the signboard which is written in hangul, and so~ many cultural places such as the palace, and hanbok shops ^^v and OH! sometimes you can watch a free KPOP performance to 

what I think similar are the people, the road, the subway system and ehhmmm the lovebirds


  1. ria,di foto kulitmu jadi pinkish gitu kek korean udahan :D

    1. please dah chi, itu kan efek kamera punya kayaknya ._.

  2. Thank you for mentioning my place on your blog :D


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