Neon Hitch is in The Town !

Well who is she anyway? I found about her when I was listening to Alice in Wonderland soundtrack's album, she is featured with 3OH!3 in the song Follow Me Down, and I got so interested about her voice.
Unfortunately, she hasn't release an album yet, but her album is on the making, the album will be titled 'Beg, Borrow and Steal' produced by Benny Blanco
I am looking forward about her music career in the future! She also got a unique style, since she was raised in the gypsy family and she also did some circus performance! She performed a Fire dancing and also a trapeze thing.
check her pictures then:



(guess that hairstyle is her signature style)

I give you some of my Neon Hitch song collections, all I can say, her music is unique and worth to listen ♥  ♥!!!

If you know and like Ke$ha's song 'blablabla'? She is one who wrote that song, along with Ke$ha, Sean Foreman and Benny Blanco. 
Getting interested? Find her here:

T-Ara - I Go Crazy Beacuse of You *and sort of T-Ara's videography*

Here is the new MV ... The sensational one according to the teaser, haven't watch the MV yet. But now I am looking for that!

While waiting the right HD video in this release day, I watched T-Ara's older MV : Lies, Time to Love, Apple is A+ and Like the Beginning/For the First Time.

All of them are some kind, ummmm... how to express it...various expression :) 

When I see Lies MV, I feel sooo urrrgghhh!!! When Yoo Seung Ho speaks behind T-Ara's girls ear, somekinda imagine it... HOT!

When I see Time to Love, feels like, I feel how it feels loosing your lover, when you still love them :'(

When I see Apple is A+, feels like I am tasting the sweetness of the juicy red apple, at the same time I see Ji Yeon's super-cute expression, soo sweet :p

Lastly, when I see Like the Beginning, I feel the struggle to wins your crush's heart :), I love their costume

for you who haven't enjoy any single of T-Ara's stuff you should watch them ;) ♥
soo here is the 'sensational' MV :)

O.M.G! T-Ara is totally hot, their last MV boo peep boo peep had a 19+ version, but I mean they didn't do sexy stuff, but they did in this video :O! Honestly there are some remaining thing in this video, like the Brittney Spearsy voice and the school stuff kinda remaining to After School - Ah!, but maybe it was just a coincidence. ♥♥♥ T-Ara!


found LOVE in Paris City

2 days ago, to be exact at 23rd February, I watched an AMAZING MOVIE. Titled 'From Paris with Love'. Starred by John Travolta (as Charlie Waxx) and  Jonathan Rhys Meyers (as James Reece). This movie has an unexpected storyline I think, film started with a perfect life of Reece, he has a perfect job as an Ambassador's Assistant, who also got a special spy mission, and  also had a hot-fiance (played by Kasia Smutniak). Until one day, he had to accompany agent Waxx to reveal a syndicate of Pakistan heroin ditch who also a terrorist, until Reece found out that his life was nothing as perfect as it seems.

I love John Travolta's character he played, he act as an-super easy going man, who can do any single job perfectly, wasn't it his first role after his son died? 
And who don't love Jonathan Rhys Meyers character here, I do love! He played as a smart man, and also man who loves his girl deeply. Who don't want to have such a man?

For those who still didn't get tickled by my review, I think you should watch this trailer:

 video credit : daiekat5 @ youtube

by the storyline, the actors, and the setting which is PARIS (love this city!) I gave this movie 4 points out of 5 points. And here are some of movies posters. PEOPLE YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!





alice in wonderland

after seeing some 2010's trailer on MTV, I got so interested and curious about this movie, but first  
let's back to wonderland in 1974, when Alice was just a little girl...

video credit : freedogshampoo @ youtube

in March 5th 2010 the older Alice is back!

honestly I haven't seen the 1974's cartoon version, but I wish it doesn't make sense, and I still can enjoy this (I think) cool movie, moreover the movie using 3D technology, uuuuhhh!!! The trip will get more fun X)

KARA - Lupin ♥

Finally Lupin's MV released today:

 ♥ing KARA more !  ♥ing KARA more !  ♥ing KARA more!

KARA's latest release album's MV : sooo cool, in Lupin song, KARA reveal their different side, forget about bubbly cutey girlie image, KARA become edgier this time, with a sharp black suit, and chest-popping dance move, can't wait to see KARA's comeback stage next Friday at Music Bank :), and enter the girlband war again!

but if you listen to their album:

it would be different, cause KARA's music still remain the same, a cheerful girlie pop, in 'Tasty Love', 'Umbrella', 'Rolling'  that made you happy! Except the last track, with a calming ballad song entitled 'Lonely'

Honestly I wish KARA release more insert more LUPIN-like song, into their latest album.

then, check out KARA's thief style that ready to sneak into our brain, and steal our mind by their song 'LUPIN'



2NE1's fashion !

since I'm in love with fashion and K-Music world, I would like to post something that related to both topics.

*who knows about 2NE1?*
everybody who loves to follow Korean music progress, must be know about them. And would love their music and their style, until become a BlackJack (name of 2NE1's fans), just like me.

2NE1 are consists of 4 talented girls which are:

1. Lee Chae Rin [이채린] a.k.a CL

2. Park Bom [박봄]


3. Minji [민지]

4. Sandara Park [박산다라]

so, what special about them, absolutely they're super special, their fashion and style are so special, their music are also special. 
I describes their style as an edgy Korean, cause they mix edgy style from world's runway, and mix it with Korean people's style. I wonder who is their stylist, how can they be superb cool! take a look!

See! Minji wore a leather bikers jacket with a neon color, a sequined top, and an acid washed pants.

CL wore a sharp shoulder acid washed bikers jacket, and the OH! so cool mini skirt, that got an outer space feel. The sharp shoulder are so in today! Along with the skirt.

while Sandara wore an animal print in a PINK! Her skirt also has an-outer-space feel. 

While in this group photo shoot, they wore a clothes with a tribal pattern and mix it in an on-trend pastel color

 Take a look at CL's acid washed ripped pants sooo trendy, along with Minji's patterned legging

After investigating their 'oh so trendy' style, then you should also listen 2NE1's recently released song 'Try to Copy Me', hey! from their song tittle they stated that 2NE1 are a truly trendsetter!

With their trendsetter style and their addictive music, 2NE1 are so ready to conquer and become world idol in 2010!

*wonder why?* my painting exibitions

my first post in this tiger year!!! and long time no posting :P...

I just want to show, my paintwork, that I made almost 4years ago.
When I was in Junior High School.
I did that at holiday. everything was a just a watercolor paintwork 
take a look ! :)

set this up as my newest blog header:
I don't have a tittle for this picture. But it's obvious, it is about something that grow in a dome, so it can't grow well. The dome can be anything in this life, environment, parents, friends, anything.

I don't have a tittle too for this picture, but this paintwork is inspired by my 'current hobby' at that time, reading shoujo comic book. It's about a meeting with a destined person, in an unexpected moment. Sounds romantic?

The last one, is just an ordinary butterfly, moreover the picture isn't neat, I think it's about living in this real-jungle : Life
That's all!!! It's just an amateur, but I'd love any critics, comment, anything.