Neon Hitch is in The Town !

Well who is she anyway? I found about her when I was listening to Alice in Wonderland soundtrack's album, she is featured with 3OH!3 in the song Follow Me Down, and I got so interested about her voice.
Unfortunately, she hasn't release an album yet, but her album is on the making, the album will be titled 'Beg, Borrow and Steal' produced by Benny Blanco
I am looking forward about her music career in the future! She also got a unique style, since she was raised in the gypsy family and she also did some circus performance! She performed a Fire dancing and also a trapeze thing.
check her pictures then:



(guess that hairstyle is her signature style)

I give you some of my Neon Hitch song collections, all I can say, her music is unique and worth to listen ♥  ♥!!!

If you know and like Ke$ha's song 'blablabla'? She is one who wrote that song, along with Ke$ha, Sean Foreman and Benny Blanco. 
Getting interested? Find her here:

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