2NE1's fashion !

since I'm in love with fashion and K-Music world, I would like to post something that related to both topics.

*who knows about 2NE1?*
everybody who loves to follow Korean music progress, must be know about them. And would love their music and their style, until become a BlackJack (name of 2NE1's fans), just like me.

2NE1 are consists of 4 talented girls which are:

1. Lee Chae Rin [이채린] a.k.a CL

2. Park Bom [박봄]


3. Minji [민지]

4. Sandara Park [박산다라]

so, what special about them, absolutely they're super special, their fashion and style are so special, their music are also special. 
I describes their style as an edgy Korean, cause they mix edgy style from world's runway, and mix it with Korean people's style. I wonder who is their stylist, how can they be superb cool! take a look!

See! Minji wore a leather bikers jacket with a neon color, a sequined top, and an acid washed pants.

CL wore a sharp shoulder acid washed bikers jacket, and the OH! so cool mini skirt, that got an outer space feel. The sharp shoulder are so in today! Along with the skirt.

while Sandara wore an animal print in a PINK! Her skirt also has an-outer-space feel. 

While in this group photo shoot, they wore a clothes with a tribal pattern and mix it in an on-trend pastel color

 Take a look at CL's acid washed ripped pants sooo trendy, along with Minji's patterned legging

After investigating their 'oh so trendy' style, then you should also listen 2NE1's recently released song 'Try to Copy Me', hey! from their song tittle they stated that 2NE1 are a truly trendsetter!

With their trendsetter style and their addictive music, 2NE1 are so ready to conquer and become world idol in 2010!

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