KARA - Lupin ♥

Finally Lupin's MV released today:

 ♥ing KARA more !  ♥ing KARA more !  ♥ing KARA more!

KARA's latest release album's MV : sooo cool, in Lupin song, KARA reveal their different side, forget about bubbly cutey girlie image, KARA become edgier this time, with a sharp black suit, and chest-popping dance move, can't wait to see KARA's comeback stage next Friday at Music Bank :), and enter the girlband war again!

but if you listen to their album:

it would be different, cause KARA's music still remain the same, a cheerful girlie pop, in 'Tasty Love', 'Umbrella', 'Rolling'  that made you happy! Except the last track, with a calming ballad song entitled 'Lonely'

Honestly I wish KARA release more insert more LUPIN-like song, into their latest album.

then, check out KARA's thief style that ready to sneak into our brain, and steal our mind by their song 'LUPIN'



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