T-Ara - I Go Crazy Beacuse of You *and sort of T-Ara's videography*

Here is the new MV ... The sensational one according to the teaser, haven't watch the MV yet. But now I am looking for that!

While waiting the right HD video in this release day, I watched T-Ara's older MV : Lies, Time to Love, Apple is A+ and Like the Beginning/For the First Time.

All of them are some kind, ummmm... how to express it...various expression :) 

When I see Lies MV, I feel sooo urrrgghhh!!! When Yoo Seung Ho speaks behind T-Ara's girls ear, somekinda imagine it... HOT!

When I see Time to Love, feels like, I feel how it feels loosing your lover, when you still love them :'(

When I see Apple is A+, feels like I am tasting the sweetness of the juicy red apple, at the same time I see Ji Yeon's super-cute expression, soo sweet :p

Lastly, when I see Like the Beginning, I feel the struggle to wins your crush's heart :), I love their costume

for you who haven't enjoy any single of T-Ara's stuff you should watch them ;) ♥
soo here is the 'sensational' MV :)

O.M.G! T-Ara is totally hot, their last MV boo peep boo peep had a 19+ version, but I mean they didn't do sexy stuff, but they did in this video :O! Honestly there are some remaining thing in this video, like the Brittney Spearsy voice and the school stuff kinda remaining to After School - Ah!, but maybe it was just a coincidence. ♥♥♥ T-Ara!

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