found LOVE in Paris City

2 days ago, to be exact at 23rd February, I watched an AMAZING MOVIE. Titled 'From Paris with Love'. Starred by John Travolta (as Charlie Waxx) and  Jonathan Rhys Meyers (as James Reece). This movie has an unexpected storyline I think, film started with a perfect life of Reece, he has a perfect job as an Ambassador's Assistant, who also got a special spy mission, and  also had a hot-fiance (played by Kasia Smutniak). Until one day, he had to accompany agent Waxx to reveal a syndicate of Pakistan heroin ditch who also a terrorist, until Reece found out that his life was nothing as perfect as it seems.

I love John Travolta's character he played, he act as an-super easy going man, who can do any single job perfectly, wasn't it his first role after his son died? 
And who don't love Jonathan Rhys Meyers character here, I do love! He played as a smart man, and also man who loves his girl deeply. Who don't want to have such a man?

For those who still didn't get tickled by my review, I think you should watch this trailer:

 video credit : daiekat5 @ youtube

by the storyline, the actors, and the setting which is PARIS (love this city!) I gave this movie 4 points out of 5 points. And here are some of movies posters. PEOPLE YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!




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