*wonder why?* my painting exibitions

my first post in this tiger year!!! and long time no posting :P...

I just want to show, my paintwork, that I made almost 4years ago.
When I was in Junior High School.
I did that at holiday. everything was a just a watercolor paintwork 
take a look ! :)

set this up as my newest blog header:
I don't have a tittle for this picture. But it's obvious, it is about something that grow in a dome, so it can't grow well. The dome can be anything in this life, environment, parents, friends, anything.

I don't have a tittle too for this picture, but this paintwork is inspired by my 'current hobby' at that time, reading shoujo comic book. It's about a meeting with a destined person, in an unexpected moment. Sounds romantic?

The last one, is just an ordinary butterfly, moreover the picture isn't neat, I think it's about living in this real-jungle : Life
That's all!!! It's just an amateur, but I'd love any critics, comment, anything.

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