wuaahhh!!! another week, and another fashion event >w< !!!
here it is :

since it's a charity bazaar, the price are so~~~ooo not expensive *I'm trying to say it in sophisticated way, LOL*. and it was so~oo tempting, shoes, tops, skirts, pants, some are still new, I think. and I wa~aant all of that :D 

I don't take many picture tough

Azza and her stuff, and me in the fitting room :D
and oh yeah, I bought these, the top for 30k and the pant for 35K, :D

 looking forward to wear tha~t

I wonder what fashion event, I'll attend this week ;), I think it's going to be some holiday sale, hhe


La La~~~ long Friday

that was 17 December 2010, and I've planned with my friend Azza a.ka Maman, to meet and go somewhere unplanned, and we call it 'mbolang', yeaah, we have our own definition of it.

first she picked me at my campus, but before we can go 'mbolang', I met my other friend Gita, than we had 2 hours chit-chat, that was fu~~uun :D

  me, Azza and Gita

after that we (me and Azza) headed to Garlick to attend Parkustik Sale, a social event, which where you can buy a second hand clothes, and the money will be donated to poor people :')

then we headed to Azza's campus cause she had some business to do, I helped her and her friend for their mini photography exhibition, I am so~~~o glad hhha :)) feels like being a photographer already >o< !!!

after worked with some exhibition stuffs, I asked her to come to Embong Malang, cause I had something to do -_-

the~een this is the interesting part *for me laah~*
as a photographer like I've told before, Azza who loves to take a photo, and me, who loves to be a photo object *LOL*
we stopped at errr~ Tunjungan street, around Majapahit Hotel...
then ... 

it's her, taken by me, I know not so great hhe

LOL, the last photo is taken when we hang out, Azza tried to 'play' with the lighting, the natural one, yes, I mean the sun

That was a loong daaay for me and tiring too~ , but I also so~~~o happy with it!


cirkel of urban volume 2

to be exact 1 week ago (11 December 2010), I was attending Cirkel of Urban volume 2
this event is somekinda so hip *in my opinion*, I am so~~~o glad that I had a chance to came.

let me explain first, Cirkel of Urban, is the event for *I think*, youngsters who had a big passion for arts, fashion designing, photography, music, painting, etc.
and Cirkel of Urban is the place where they can show off, and express anything they want.

to show who joined the bazaar, the commission of the event, are made some catalog,

me with the ultra cool catalog >w<

and let's take a peep into the catalog
(P.S: I don't have a scanner, so I take the picture of the catalog, by my cell phone cam :D)

pretty cool huh?

and then let's take a peep, to the event back then

there must be a performing artist on the stage, but I took this pic, earlier in the noon, and the bands are performing in the night.

the booth of Fashionistas Lollypopcolors

though there were so~~~o many cool stuffs I was just bought this, yeah I was saving -__-
tempting color >w<, from

there were also a fashion show, from brands in the bazaar, but I was enjoying my melted cream coffee and sandwich, too lazy to stand up, to take some pic :D hhe
overall I love this event, that was all I wanna experience before, being in a fashionable community, something brand new for me, I wish soon, I'll be able to come to another similar event. inform me people!


melted cream coffee

I was hanging out with my ♥ly friend.
at the Cirkel of Urban Volume 2 event :)

and for the first time, I wore my leopard print shirt

I was like , I don't care what people said on me.
because personally I think this shirt is kinda -_-", LOL 

she had a cute cheekbones :D

hha~ too much pic probably :D

and I was having this:

it was a melted cream coffee,  super delicious, one of the menu from CIRKEL,
you MUST try this people~
it's like the hot coffee muted with a cold cream, I think it was vanilla ice cream.


charmed by who wore it ♥

this issue is kinda late, I know hhe, 
because I am so busy and sometime bad internet connection here, so I couldn't post this 'olds' (it's not a 'news' anymore)

it was taken on 17 November 2010 at Style Icon Award
but I just don't wanna miss to post this :D

it's been known everywhere that Jeremy Scott is 2NE1's fashion designer, he became an endorser for 2NE1's cool style.
like we know on their MV Can't Nobody.
and everybody must have known that, Jeremy Scott has a quirky taste on designing clothes :D
I was think like that, I know I had an ordinary way of thinking
but it was changed after I saw these :

I've seen this clothes before, at first I thought 'Uuugh, it's weird'

seriously, I think the model, just couldn't charm that dress, it's different with CL ! though they wore same boots and same hairstyle. BUT!
CL is ultraaa COOL! she charmed it in different way~ ♥♥♥

then let's see the other girls!

these girls are ROCKS as always ;) 

also rocking the red carpet :

and now, starting from that day, I become one of Jeremy Scott's fangirl ♥
already follow his twitter account @ITSJEREMYSCOTT, too see latest cool fashion stuff :D

then who'll follow my step become his fan?