charmed by who wore it ♥

this issue is kinda late, I know hhe, 
because I am so busy and sometime bad internet connection here, so I couldn't post this 'olds' (it's not a 'news' anymore)

it was taken on 17 November 2010 at Style Icon Award
but I just don't wanna miss to post this :D

it's been known everywhere that Jeremy Scott is 2NE1's fashion designer, he became an endorser for 2NE1's cool style.
like we know on their MV Can't Nobody.
and everybody must have known that, Jeremy Scott has a quirky taste on designing clothes :D
I was think like that, I know I had an ordinary way of thinking
but it was changed after I saw these :

I've seen this clothes before, at first I thought 'Uuugh, it's weird'

seriously, I think the model, just couldn't charm that dress, it's different with CL ! though they wore same boots and same hairstyle. BUT!
CL is ultraaa COOL! she charmed it in different way~ ♥♥♥

then let's see the other girls!

these girls are ROCKS as always ;) 

also rocking the red carpet :

and now, starting from that day, I become one of Jeremy Scott's fangirl ♥
already follow his twitter account @ITSJEREMYSCOTT, too see latest cool fashion stuff :D

then who'll follow my step become his fan?

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