La La~~~ long Friday

that was 17 December 2010, and I've planned with my friend Azza a.ka Maman, to meet and go somewhere unplanned, and we call it 'mbolang', yeaah, we have our own definition of it.

first she picked me at my campus, but before we can go 'mbolang', I met my other friend Gita, than we had 2 hours chit-chat, that was fu~~uun :D

  me, Azza and Gita

after that we (me and Azza) headed to Garlick to attend Parkustik Sale, a social event, which where you can buy a second hand clothes, and the money will be donated to poor people :')

then we headed to Azza's campus cause she had some business to do, I helped her and her friend for their mini photography exhibition, I am so~~~o glad hhha :)) feels like being a photographer already >o< !!!

after worked with some exhibition stuffs, I asked her to come to Embong Malang, cause I had something to do -_-

the~een this is the interesting part *for me laah~*
as a photographer like I've told before, Azza who loves to take a photo, and me, who loves to be a photo object *LOL*
we stopped at errr~ Tunjungan street, around Majapahit Hotel...
then ... 

it's her, taken by me, I know not so great hhe

LOL, the last photo is taken when we hang out, Azza tried to 'play' with the lighting, the natural one, yes, I mean the sun

That was a loong daaay for me and tiring too~ , but I also so~~~o happy with it!

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