guess where?!?

don't you know that I were travelling around the world spending my holiday.
LOL, just guess where was I?

1. enjoying sunset in Bali 

2. pray in a mosque in Morroco

3. view from a resort in Puerto Rico

4. adoring eiffel's light in Paris

5. museum in NYC

6. exploring inside of pyramid in Egypt

ehhmmm... Egypt was the ending of my trip, hhahha,
it is a dream of mine to travel around the world
I wish I meet someone who will give me some sponsorship soon hha...

oh yeah, can you guess where am I actually, 
you better keep scrolling down to find the answer...

and it was part of my trip...

isn't it cuuuttteee?!?~~~
(want to experience the same? come visit Batu Secret Zoo, in Batu-Malang, East Java)

aquarium as natural photo frame
♥♥♥!!! the only pic took in full team

oh yeah!
number 1-2 Tuban actually, LOL (I swear Tuban was a fun city, there were so many good holiday spot *or I can say taking photo spot*)
number 3 it was ... Tanjung Kodok resort...in Lamongan :D
number 4-6 everybody knows it was in Batu-Malang, cooo~~~ol rite?!?

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