well...I am Alive! Still :D

yaaa~ first of all:

I'd like to say:

selamat hari raya idul fitri 1432H, semoga setelah 'dicuci' pada bulan Ramadhan, kita dapat menjadi pribadi baru yang lebih baik, lebih dari itu semoga kita dipertemukan dengan bulan Ramadhan lagi tahun depan :')

Ied Mubarok, hopefully after being 'washed' in Ramadhan, we can be a new better person, moreover I wish we'll meet Ramadhan again next year :')

well it's been a while, more than a month I didn't post anystuffs, well I got some reason, like I was travelling, I watched some dramas, I had a short semester period in my school (which is more hectic than the regular one), and I use my internet connection for my business matter ^^v. AND I TOOK A KOREAN CLASS :D. well still the verry berry basic, hopefully I can master it soon xD

but I guess I'll post more soon :D

okay, the first day of my Idul Fitri is so heartbreaking, well I can't mention why...  but I feel like *sigh* getting a very heavy stones on my head, until I can't grouch or 'sigh-ing' anymore.

well, I am still lucky actually, my tears burst, when I was watching a news about a pathetic Idul Fitri in a nursing home in Pare-Pare, Sulawesi. those elderly lives in a very very dirty place, eat a spoiled food, and their kids ignore them, aaah~ it's been my dream since 3-4 years ago, that soon I'll devote myself for those elder, I mean yeaah, nowaday people more concern to kids, in orphanage... I know they'll be 'something' in the future, but me musn't forget about how we come to this world, by the elder. 

OK, the main thing that I learn today is:
look down when you think your life is pathetic, but look up when you want to have more than you have now.
lihatlah ke bawah ketika hidupmu terasa menyedihkan, tapi lihatlah ke atas ketika kamu ingin mendapatkan lebih dari yang kau punya sekarang

You know what I mean?

Well I wish all of you had a very beautiful holiday!!!
Be grateful to your life, some people are muuuch more suffer than us  

cheers! isn't it beautiful? a rice field in Madura, I took this picture when I was having a trip there, someday in January this year, for a city girl like me, who rarely saw a natural rice field, a scenery like this is a treasure :)


ah yaaa banzai!!! my blog reach 3500 visitors :DD

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