HAPPY MID - 2014 !!!

you never know what will happen exactly in the future
like totally have no clue

when I wrote before that I hope  I can quit from being a 'fan' of EXO -- then 5months later Kris decide to leave EXO because of --insert something you know nothing about happened-- and now EXO is active as 11 members group... and people starting to turned their back on him and calling him betrayal,

and less than a month things also starting to change, like I don't enjoy 'overdose' as much as before, but yay! sometimes Yixing in black hair distracts me as always #sekteLay -- and I found looking at Tao-Hun as my 'kids' are not as lovely and heartwarming as before, does it mean that

I am over with EXO?
still can't 'decide' actually, 

but that MEANS! ONE OF MY NEW YEAR RESOLUTION HAS GRANTED - ACCOMPLISHED ... but somehow I feel empty sometimes, like aargh can't mock at Kris anymore
anyway, "Welcome to jungle Pah! hope you're doing what you ACTUALLY WANTED IN YOUR LIFE from now", somehow I feel you never been sincere on screen, like there was something you always tryin to hide, like...you didn't show your real 'face'.
 Okay enough with my '6th sense wannabe moment'

Thank you, 
you've made me accomplished one of my new year's resolution, but I am supporting you, do what you love, maybe you couldn't love what you do
(btw if you're really going to be an actor just release a movie already or at least be a cameo, even Morgan and Bastian got a main role at some soap opera, after quit from SM*SH / CJR so please lemme laugh at you once more)

but this one is kinda unexpected
Busker-Busker is gonna disbanded soon, sooner or later, at least that's what I read... everywhere - and I chose to believe it
huuu~ I like your music guys, tho I only remember Brad's name...

no one can predict what is going to be happened -- see through the future...
so make sure that you always says a good thing -- things that you mean for -- things that you wish it will happen sooner or later

and I have to repeat this million times that I have to do what I love,  


by the way:

-- The Barberettes jjang!!! --
nice song-cute and inspiring movie video-

and they inspired me to get a sunnies !!!

sunnies x any clothes = 'coolness'
but it's pretty tiring to collect a sunnies when you have nearsighted eyes,  

and catching sun, and live in vintage filter (???)

well at least for now I have to ;deep sigh; finish what I have to finish --
than do what I love
(hey I love my thesis theme *cough*)

who knows what will happen in the future
who knows what will happen to you - to us
who knows where your sloppy words -- came from you mouth/hand without you notice-- will take you
so make sure to always says things, that you want it to be happened
and always do WHAT YOU LOVES 
- YOLO -
and buy at least one cute - and match with any clothes - sunnies 

 WELL HAPPY MID 2014 ! how many of your new year resolution got accomplished?
aand Marhaban Ya Ramadhan :')
(what! it's about d-28 to Ramadhan again)




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