Maleficent - "Don't Believe The Fairy Tale"

so I went to movie theater today, and without any doubt I chose to watch Maleficent
well, have to admit that I didn't have a high expectation into that movie
I thought it was a - regular - disney movie
but surprisingly, I am...pleased with this movie

it's interesting to put a villain as a main-character,
at least that's how people (on the movie) call and treat her

but before, I never knew what's her... motivation,
and from that point of view, I remembered certain people that I am considering them as a 'villain in my life'
that made me wonder... and wondering now, are they a true villain?
well, sorry my ego said yes they are

but that's not the point,// what got me interested was...
I learn about:

 believe the fairy tale >> believe your dream >> believe yourself
because I believe in Cinderella story lol
"how to face a crisis"
based on Maleficent's experience

any crisis,
I mean Maleficent
she was pretty much a heroin, her life WAS perfect, she was a fairy the strongest one that no one couldn't beat her, until someone took what's the most important thing in her life,

well, in my point of view, she isn't instantly become a villain,
but her revenge changed her
her anger and her sadness take over her 'true self' and it affects what's around her, and the worst it affects her aura, and Moors (the place where she lives) turns into a dark and gloomy place, when it was a lovely place...

it made me think
deep within my mind 

1. how much you got disappointed by someone
you better don't hold a grudge,
bad words you said might be affect...

well, I am a type of person who will say no word when I got disappointed, simply I just curse them inside and hope that certain person will get 'destroyed', so I guess I have to change, just forgive and forget and and send a good wishes,

challenge accepted!
(uuurgh hard challenge) 

2. true love,
does exist (errr, it's not an attempt to be cheesy)
again Maleficent taught me
true love is
someone who will unconditionally happy when you're happy
someone who will unconditionally sad when you're sad
think about a face
who might have the loudest cry when you're die
(aaa~ I got teared)
ask yourself

3. don't believe what people said,
well I always repeat this on my head
"trust nobody but yourself"

when everybody says a bad thing about something then your heart says no
then believe what's your heart said
when everybody say "YOU CAN'T MAKE IT"
then listen to your voice within
if you think you can make it
the very first person you have to convince is yourself...

4. remember about King Stefan (Aurora's dad)

well he was 'eaten' by his fear
well, I was once in his condition fyi -- so 'don't let your fear drives you !'
because it will just hold you back from being productive

(from behindthescene)

wish me luck
my thesis
my future plans is waiting for me to be realized
and oh! still have several new year resolutions to be fulfilled

note : it's not necessary, but... I think he is not a bad guy, I said so and... he suddenly appeared
I am not readyyy !!!  

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