WHAT HAPPENED?!? U-Kiss Fan Party April, 27th 2013, Jakarta-Indonesia

oooh~ how good I am at procastinate something 
well that wasn't an honour, I should change >_<

well, jadi ceritanya tadi habis sholat shubuh, terus kepikiran pengen posting ini
"from the Kiss Me Oppa (KMO) tickets holder view" 
The event held at 27 April 2013
it could be very lovely event actually,
but the love rate dropped on 1,23456789 out of 5

I will put it in a comparison, of what SHOULD BE HAPPENED, and what WAS HAPPENED 

1. Numbered Seat

- Yes, KMO tickets holder got their seat numbered

2. Card Ticket

- then is it considered as 'card', well what a thin card, it looks like a piece of paper

3. Dinner + Hug on dinner session

- well, no proof since taking photos were prohibited, but I could explain the detail:
    - tidak ada istilah dinner seperti yang di bayangkan, like ticket holder in a round table, and take a sit, but it was more like a mini snack session, seriously A SNACK! *more like jajan pasar pula*, I can say my buttler cafe experience were much better than this!
    - and HUG! hell no!!! setiap interaksi yg ada itu cuma karena kemauan U-KISS sendiri, like *ehemm* when Eli did a high-touch-wave, it's like his own idea, or when SoHyun did a high five to certain Japanese Girl, it was beacuse he saw that girl regularly as that girl looks like a Japanese royal KISSME *IMO*

swear I was there... much much behind, I just *cough* too shy, like a little girl in front of her long-time crush

    - and I didn't interact with dear AJ ;__; I WAS IGNORED! *well love is blind, still likes him though :p*

4. Fan sign & High Five all member

- you know what usually happened during the fansign *I only got one experience actually (back to 2011), beside I judge it based on what happened in fancam mostly*
    - well fan sign supposed to be idol signs on an Album, THE LATEST ALBUM OF THE IDOL, and you know, they signed on a FREAKING-PIECE-OF-PAPER, on things like "please write my name" or "today is my birthday" WERE PROHIBITED, ini tidak layak disebut fan sign deh

- as for HIGH FIVE, PLEASE BELIEVE ME... THERE WERE NO THING SUCH AS HIGH-FIVE Session, harusnya HIGH FIVE digelar lepas showcase... TAPI ITU B-A-T-A-L
* and you know what happened, ticket holders ribut lah sama promotor*

5. Group Photo

- Yeah there were a group photo, but it was... suck, I thought it was going to be like an intimate photo sessions, like one member with one person *oh itu khayalan yang terlalu tinggi* yah ngga segitunya tapi at least, ngga yang serame itu, dan kita diperlakukan kayak ngga bayar sama security, dan HASIL FOTONYA too! suck, ngeblur MAKSIMAL!

then lemme tell you the song lists U-KISS performed at the showcase :

1. Without You (taken from Only One album released at 2010)

2. uBeat - Should Have Treated You Better (uBeats debut song ya know)

3. SoHyun x Kevin - Remember ('Syndrome' Drama Original Soundtrack)

4. AJ x Kiseop - Obsession (taken from Neverland album released at 2011)
GOD! it was the best performance !!! *cries ;___; yeah call me biased, but I love this song as well as AJ AJ AJ and Kiseop*
I use to watch this at youtube from their Japanese tour, and I was able to saw that LIVE!!! ;__;

5. Someday (taken from Neverland Album released at 2011)
ANOTHER FAVORITE SONG! it has a deep meaning... for me ... for U-KISS

6. 평생 - for KissMe (digital single released at 2011)

7. 만만하니 - Am I That Easy (taken from ContiUKiss released at 2009)

and guess what! they promised us 10songs, moreover, WHERE IS STANDING STILL or STOP GIRL!!! they just sang a side songs from any album (well except for Should Have Treated You Better and ManManHani, but ManManHani is so 2009!!!, but I love the 'chest scratching dance move so much though)

and there were NO HOON! ;___; *how dare you said Full Member will come*

yeaah, I don't blame U-KISS nor NH MEDIA *well NH should pitied us more at that time ;_;*
it's just GUYS please be aware to this promotor : Oppa Oppa Live 
you know what they did to us, to our money dan mereka akhir-akhir ini nge hint bakal ndatengin LEDApple/Yoon Shi Yoon, melihat dari pengalaman yang ada, just be aware, yeah, some people are satisfied, but more people don't, 
since the refund process is not over yet,
 di twitter orang-orang yang masih usaha masih sering twitter, yeah let's pray semoga mereka diberi ketabahan akan kejelasan nasib uangnya, amiiin


yah diatas semua memang murni rengekan, rengekan, RENGEKAN!
tapi well, semua momen harusnya, HARUSNYA itu dinikmati 
thank you 
I can see this guy in person

I got stiffened when he were in front of me, and he insisted to made me say "안녕" wish we could talk longer ;__;

AJ and apron is such an OTP ;___; paaa~

inspired from my fav U-KISSs song 'Cinderella' he is a prince charming, HE IS... and sadly I guess he didn't saw my uchiwa, or even receive my gift and fan letter

yeah, he looked the same as what I saw in pictures or videos, it's just he looked bigger, he is so tall~, his dimple shine brightly, his smile awww~♥♥♥
 *aaa being sentimental as usual, just ignore this, please be considerate please imagine you saw your ultimateee bias in person* 
admired his features were so enough for me, but I regret it now, I should act more agressive huhuhu

and it made me motivated to become a better person, as a girl (?)

aku harus lebih banyak bersyukur dan terarah on spend my money 
 this might be my last concert, migh be might be 

photos credit to : oppa oppa live document and my personal cam


  1. jjangbak!! ;_____; mewakili semua perasaanku~
    shared on my gugutasu peiji~ ^^ and feisubuk peiji~

    1. yeay!!! Makasih <3 <3 <3
      cuma bedanya ini terlalu jaeseop biased ya kkk

    2. yeeep~ jaseop stan's point of view.. kkkk

  2. aahhaah so you were there too!

    well you know, my media even can't go inside to their prescon OTL this. I haven't been to many concerts tbh haha.. I think just mubank, lunafly, and ukiss lol. And so this one is the example of the events which organized by fans, not the professional. So.. yah... it turns like this mess.

  3. is it a lot? lol bcs the other KU reporter have already done more than me hahahah..ah.. no.. just don't bring anyone else OTL well.. with such an expensive ticket, we only got these.. FYI, ppl behind this events are the same with Starlight who previously invited CNBLUE then cancelled it D-2.. and my money hasn't been refunded yet :( Idk how they keep maintain pokerface using other's money for this event.


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