my butler cafe experience

I was going to post it as soon as the 'date' over but sometopics came up so it get a sided kkk

literally it is a cafe which feature it's butler as a ehhmmm 'main commodity', so they will serve you the best according to them, and they will do every single thing you request them to do, except one : reveal their true identity *and you might get kicked if you insist about it*.

this culture is came from Japan, so all I knew before butler cafe was established in Japan only, but I'm glad (?) that the butler cafe was held in my hometown kkk, thanks to my friend who made it came true~

so it was one beautiful Sunday : October 21th, 2012
I decided to visit the cafe with my friend,

first thing to do was, choose which butler you desire! aargh it was hard, but the owner madame will guide you, and give a reccomendation to you who would be suite for you

after that you have to choose the menu~
and they will let you in, the butler you've chosen will greet you, and they will take you to your table *with hold your hand, it's embarassing, so glad that I didn't*
unfortunately the electricity on the cafe was off, so it was pretty hot, and you know what the butler was fanning us, in spite of he was getting perspired a lot >///<

after all you will enjoy your date with him, but I was to shy and inexperienced, so I 'share' my date, I mean, one butler for two missy
you'll have a conversation with him, he even will help you eat, HE WILL FEED YOU! OMG *facepalm*
I don't know what more I have to write :3, since the sensation will be different to different people, different girl kkk

just try it! :3 if you live in Surabaya, the next butler cafe will be hold in December 1st, 2012
just check the Facebook Page:

Serviteur Phantom Butler Cafe 

they will provide you with several ending which are:

1. good ending:
you may take a picture with all of the butler and foodman, etc, all you have to do I guess, just make a romance and sassy mood with the butler

2. normal ending:
you may take a picture only with butler who served you, all you have to do is make a friendly mood with the butler

*the reason we got the normal ending might came from our lack in dating experience kkk*

3. bad ending:
if you break the rule *for example ask the butler's identity* they will kick you out!!!

so just decide will you come or not kkk, 

I was dressed up for my date, mwahahaha ;;) >///<

apologetic letter:

dear my future husband I am sorry, I write this with my sincere heart, I am sorry that I visited to butler cafe, I am sorry that I dated some random guys, it's just I am terribly lonely, that I am waiting for the day you come into my life, I feel like a sinner after I visited the cafe, but I admit it was a guilty pleasure *slap*

just come nowww!!! so that I don't to visit those unnecessary place ;_;
been miss youuu~

the butler cafe would be much better and become my faint factor if they have these guys *dies*

once more I am sorry dear my future husband kiss kiss :* :*

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