on a Rapunzel condition

so I was planning a movie day today but after my first movie I couldn't continue...
what if not because of I HAVE TO WRITE IT ON BLOG!!! *which is so much my habit*

and something came up... that I will try to update this blog every monday... since I named this blog as mondayinsahara... so I will alwyas post if I have a spare time...I wish I can live this spirit forever...and I wish I'll get a regular reader >_<

credits to : http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/Tangled

So what movie I had? It is none other than Tangled...
Such an old movie... hey!!! I am not that kind of movie mania, right, I mean most of my time occupied with hanging around *act like a popular person, when I only hang with same circle all the time* or read so-wasting-time kpop news and gossips ooor sleeps... or trying for something that I am currently fight for, what I stand for
SEE I AM.. BUSY... I AM!!!
so what makes Tangled become necessary as a blog topic...
It is...the lesson: which suit my condition!!! hah!!!
And I wish this post will inspire people and... so that more people read my blog and more people give a sh^t *I mean comments* ... aaah!!! That dream is far away to be true I guess ;__;
*snaaap* back to the topiiic!!!
What's on Tangled?
You know this movie is about a girl named Rapunzel...a classic tale about a girl trapped in a tower and then a bad guy save her... and they fall in love
but I saw it on other side... it matches with my current obsession... "Explore a  new world"

You know I am going to S.Korea next month for a summer school *well thank God I got a scholarship...sooo I can visit Korea for the second time in my life*
And since looong time ago I've planned to do some extend trip...so I will stay longer and earlier... and up till now I got no clue about what to do I've proposed here and there and asked here and there for a voluntary job but it remains no answer and exact respond
Sooo... I still HAVE NO CLUE!!!
what I learned from Tangled is... Rapunzel is just as the same as me... she have a reason why she wanna go *to outside world* and when there a chance she grabbed it without think twice... and she just do anything and doesn't care about any obstacles *it cost a consequences*...
So my problem is like WHERE IS MY CHANCE ;___; I'VE SQUEEEZED MY BRAIN... I've think about any possible way..to contact any people which could enlighten me... but up till now and it's like 2 weeks more to June... and I've still got no answer nor idea
But as I am... I've struggled for those internship chance *which I got it now, because I don't give up* 
I've said *once more* that 'I wont give up' I just need an adjusment plan, other plans, plans A-M may have failed, so I have to set plans N-Z or I have to get ready for plans A1, B1...and so on
Huhuhuhu... I won't give up (1000x)
The guy with the chance will come!!! I believe
And what makes me feel 'same' as rapunzel is... we have the same reason 'WE NEED TO START OUR LIFE'... if you know what I mean *you don't have to understand...let my imaginations wander... and I match it with my future vision*

btw the Boat-date scene is sooo romantic!!! I've been dreaming about going Venice with my men from heaven and do the same lalala

 credits to : http://welovetangled.tumblr.com

fyi my second movie was The Amazing Spiderman 4, which is good, it was 2 hours and I wasn't sleepy, well spiderman is my favorite superhero afterall, even I used it as my email password *the old mail one* 

and I can tell, the nerds are sexy! *aaah! smart guy is always be my type :3* which is Peter Parker~
but talking about nerd... I can forget this guy... current obsession

sexy nerd with nice butt are so my thing ~ kyaaa

They have the same pola of ... 'something which-able-to-extend-your-life-spand...and heal your wound instantly' I bet Ill***nati is working on it... and also the same 'overly high-drunken guy', remember Mandarin on Ironman3? They have the same character on Tangled which is the cupid guy! See!! I hope someone wants to discuss it with me ;___; *a desperate blog author*

credits to : http://welovetangled.tumblr.com/

So that's all for today!!!
and one question how Rapunzel managed her so~~~ long hair, why it is so smooth and strong, I BET SHE NEVER WENT TO BEAUTY SHOP

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