we are the future ! (no relation with H.O.T by the way)

it's almost 23.00 here


I was going to Sutos, to meet my brother and had some sibling time, since we live separately
we were just had a movie and little chit-chat at a restaurant there

but my head is full of stuffs now
FULL, literally

and while I was driving, I kept telling myself to put in on blogie, since if I 'just' tweet it, it will be like one-night nag, moreover if nobody care about it...

it's not that I say, people care about my blog, but at least I can track it someday, or hopefully, someone read it, and remind me about what I've wrote ~ AND!!! I hope someone would like to discuss it with me, since my sister wasn't really interested about it, when I put this topic on our conversation earlier


I had Ironman 3 with my sibling, the 3D one *well honestly the 3D effect didn't make sense, but I am glad the ticket price was the same, so I wont really regret it, the fact is 50k rupiah is way to expensive, but I couldnt buy sibling time anywhere, so any amount of money is okay, as long as I hang out with my sibling*

so... I think I saw the movie in very different way, people might say 'aaaww it's cool', 'Tony Stark is awesome' 'blablabla'


what bothered me was... this train of though popped ... "I WONT LET MY CHILDERN WATCH ANY MOVIE WITHOUT ME WATCH IT FIRST" ...

the cencorship instution *or whatever its name in English is, please correct me* stated it's for Teen, I could say Teen is 15-19
that's okay

but I saw there are lots of parents bring their child, since it's a typical superhero movie

but this Ironman 3 is... duuude~ it's scary

I hummed about it all along the movie

you know first I guess there is something about this movie... yeah that *llum*nati thing *err I dont want blogspot to force close my blog ;__;* I believe this movie had a 'code',

people talk a lot about it, and know it...

BUT SIMPLY *llum*nati IS NOT JUST A KNOWLEDGE, we have to be sensitive, and more cautious, I don't know there is something about this movie, I feel like Ironman 3 containts some hidden messages, which my simple mind couldn't crack the code until now, I keep thinking about it...


the movie talk a lot about terorism, and how someone easily recover from certain disease or disable people could grow their bodies... it's scary... I think it's possible that those things could happen near in the future


I hope someone want to discuss it with meh TT_TT


the movie contains  A LOTS OF BOOBIES AND BUTTS, *wont censore it, since toddlers wont read this blog* COME ON! I DON'T WANT MY CHILD THINK, it's normal to play pingpong only in bra and pant, it's ridiculous


Ben Kingsley.. The Mandarin guy, is a bad bad drug addict, and alcohol addict and woman addict, that's not a good thing, his life is miserable, though it's just a minor character... it could be a figure~THE BAD ONE


the society is on the worst moral state nowadays... and it will go worse each days ... until the day He want it to be... I just feel responsible for the next generation, I am starting to considerate to let my child to just get a homeschool soon,~ come on it's a basic thing to prepare yourself, being a mom someday *ameeen* it's like a big responsiblity TT_TT

my message to him/her would be "I am proud of you being a nerd in dunyaa, since, dunyaa is just temporary place to stay and you can be a popular person eternally, at the akhirat"

the lesson would be : good kids born from a good mom, huweee I am trying my best, I am gonna marry a good guy, I CARE ABOUT THE SOCIETY! I CARE ABOUT THE FUTURE OF THE NEXT GENERATION

please please let me enjoy my fangirl ages just a little bit more, I am getting sick of the facts, and I believe I could stop anytime

but it's fun

but it's harmful sometimes

but it's fun

OH JUST COME MA MEN FROM HEAVEN !!! FALL FALL PLEASE!!! I wanna make you my second bias like forever!!! *Prophet SAW is forever number one am I right*

I will definetely STOP if you're here *not so sure actually lol, but the fact, nowadays groups are containts guys whom much younger than me, I see a little light (?)*


err I am starting being delusional and self talk about "man from heaven" again


may I just being a b*tch now by being judgemental
oh please let me I would like to~

those place which you call of a place where the 'cool kids' hang around, became a sh*** place for me *astaghfirullah, I coudn't find any replacement word*

being judgemental I am , YES I am being a b*tch
the aura is full of down-gradement (?) ~ yeah somekinda like that...
it's just not a place where I should belong, I know and thanks God
and I believe my 'man from heaven' dislike that place either,

verse 1

One shot!
Are you gonna give in? Are you gonna be caught by the surrounding traps?
Only one shot!
Don’t run away, turn around and face your faces
Even if the world turns away from you
Protect yourself, that’s the right attitude

Everybody already know?
Hey shout your voice to the world?

we are soon to be fangirl mum... mum fan (?)
verse 2:

me : I want to see Surabaya from a high place, but free one, but theres no such place here
friend: let's visit my workplace, the view from rooftop is awesome
me : OKAY!

P.S : this place is like 180degree version of the place which I visited today, it's calming, relaxing, lots of stars and lights, so beautiful~ 
I wanna find somekinda place like this~ where where where, which open for public 


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