first post of 2k13 year of Water Snake!

aahhaayy here I am~~~ it's my first post on 2013 well it's pretty late I guess, since it's almost February already ...

so what will I write...
aa more like a diary post, I guess it wont be interesting for some people, but I like to share *though nobody put a comment* *sad*

so it's like I was reflecting about what was going on around 2012, especially after idul-fitri... which it was a start of a new semester and a new life - a brand new - more like nothing to do - in extracurricular life as a university student ...

I never meant to blame anything or anyone... I mean every step and every choices that I took is like my own responsibilities...I knew it...

I have to take all the risk, take all the bitter pills even drink the poisons BYMYSELF... since it's my own choice, right
if something went wrong, I have to ask my self *and I've done that already*... was it my fault? then in which part did I made a mistake... aaah, but thinking about those things sometimes traps me too, sometimes I feels like I've did my best I've pulled all my strenght, I've prayed and everything...




I've been trough hard pouring rain , also a hurricane~ flood everything //_\\
do I need more?!?

and know that U-KISS fan party that I've been anticipated for lyke 2months had postponed



yeah I know I have to be sensitive regarding the flood issue

but I've worked on saved some amount ..
and I though it will at least cheer me!

okay I guess I'll be back maybe in few hours for more cheerful post

this post above is like I am trying to 'shoo' away the pain in my heart lol

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