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today today today

I had a great great movie

*well, fyi actually I am on hard financial diet, FOR U-KISS !!! wanna watch my dear Kim Jaeseop from close, not from my laptop screen TeeHee*

matur nuwun gusti pangeran Allah SWT yang Maha Pengasih dan Penyayang *sujud syukur* 

I got free tix from Simpati, * not going to advertise or something, it's just I am sooo grateful*



the most important is like, what I've watched..

none other than this movie:

okay so I was so curious about this movie when I saw teaser earlier,

aktingnye Reza Rahardian cihuyyy abesss, sumpah mirip Pak Habibie deh *dari pengamatan pas beliau muncul di tipi*

from the beginning of the movie, I feels like going to cry, 
I dunno aromanyaa~ rasanyaa~ suasananyaaa (?)

but seriously, sudah terharu sejak awal...

sampai akhirnya...
memang inti dari film ini *bagi saya*

1. how to attract those kind of guy 
*Mr. Habibie*
I mean, this world is sooo big!
there are millions, billions, TRILLIONS 'stocks' of a guy out there
there must be one for me out there lol

kyaaa always have a thing for a smart guy >_<
so one thing I MUST CHANGE FROM TODAY...
is my fan-fiction reader habit

I mean yeah I do want to meet someone who had some background like... a fanboy
talking about marketing, politics or a biography about someone cool *while holding hands, under the cherry blossom petals rain in Osaka , fyi both of us love traveling or he works as a diplomat in Japan or any other country lah* are much more... flattering~

*ahayy sorry for the dramatic type and scene*
but seriously thats how I wanna live * but I'll give it to Allah, he knows the best for me*

 see Mr. Habibie said
'meskipun ganteng dan wangi, tapi kalo frekuensinya tidak sama ya ngga cocok'

THATS IT! I'll try my best, to have a same frequency of my dream 'man-from heaven'

after all ... I remembered this post :

dibalik pria sukses PASTI ada wanita kece dibaliknya
Bu Tien, Bu Rahmi Hatta, Bu *oke ini awkward* Michelle Obama, Hilary Clinton, Bu Ainun, istri Dicky Chandra, dan masih banyak laah~

*duduk silang kaki*

do I have to fix my manner and this moody girl inside
* I guess yeah, even my own self got irritated sometimes*


'Ada banyak cara untuk mencintai Negeri ini'
ibu Ainun Habibie

I was so touched when I saw a scene when Mr. Habibie and his wife, GO AROUND THE WORLDS for a...diplomatic reason
thats how I wanna live, being around the world

but one thing I always asks to myself
how you love your country
how you devote yourself for it
what will you do for your country~

when I was in high school, theres 2 things I wanted to do, help Indonesia by these two aspect : economic or by diplomacy

I am proud actually nowaday I am studying in Economic major, but..
those unrealistic dream I had~ somehow...
I think I just need to fix my mission, yeah mission
I believe I've made a good VISION!
I am an economist *Islamic Economist* , I must ! have a good vision and sense of it.
it's just my step is somehow biased, what I want to do...

learn from Mr. Habibie, how he wish to be able to build Indonesia, when he knew he can made a good living in other country~ 
but some people still try to ditch him and broke his image...
whatever! I believe , genius is genius

I guess that's all...
feel free to put some comment~
aaah so saaad, I always wants any comment and feedback, 
nobody read my blog I guess

oh yeah! 
what irritates me about this movie

1. kira-kira berapa ongkos tukang becak dimasa itu, seriously, tukang becak masih dibayar receh
2. KAPANPUN ADEGAN BCL MUNCUL, dengan wajah lembut penuh kasih, seserius apapun PASTI KEBAYANG LAGU INI:

jadinya kalo adegan sedih, dan harus nangis...suka ke distract ._.

3. Dari mbak Dika mbak Mito Mrs. Indrakeyz *baru keinget juga* pertamanya anak pertamanya kan cewek, pas kecil, gede-gede kok jadi cowok? seketika perubahan kelamin, kayak yang lagi marak masa kini :o

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