Habibie & Ainun my point of view

today today today

I had a great great movie

*well, fyi actually I am on hard financial diet, FOR U-KISS !!! wanna watch my dear Kim Jaeseop from close, not from my laptop screen TeeHee*

matur nuwun gusti pangeran Allah SWT yang Maha Pengasih dan Penyayang *sujud syukur* 

I got free tix from Simpati, * not going to advertise or something, it's just I am sooo grateful*



the most important is like, what I've watched..

none other than this movie:

okay so I was so curious about this movie when I saw teaser earlier,

aktingnye Reza Rahardian cihuyyy abesss, sumpah mirip Pak Habibie deh *dari pengamatan pas beliau muncul di tipi*

from the beginning of the movie, I feels like going to cry, 
I dunno aromanyaa~ rasanyaa~ suasananyaaa (?)

but seriously, sudah terharu sejak awal...

sampai akhirnya...
memang inti dari film ini *bagi saya*

1. how to attract those kind of guy 
*Mr. Habibie*
I mean, this world is sooo big!
there are millions, billions, TRILLIONS 'stocks' of a guy out there
there must be one for me out there lol

kyaaa always have a thing for a smart guy >_<
so one thing I MUST CHANGE FROM TODAY...
is my fan-fiction reader habit

I mean yeah I do want to meet someone who had some background like... a fanboy
talking about marketing, politics or a biography about someone cool *while holding hands, under the cherry blossom petals rain in Osaka , fyi both of us love traveling or he works as a diplomat in Japan or any other country lah* are much more... flattering~

*ahayy sorry for the dramatic type and scene*
but seriously thats how I wanna live * but I'll give it to Allah, he knows the best for me*

 see Mr. Habibie said
'meskipun ganteng dan wangi, tapi kalo frekuensinya tidak sama ya ngga cocok'

THATS IT! I'll try my best, to have a same frequency of my dream 'man-from heaven'

after all ... I remembered this post :

dibalik pria sukses PASTI ada wanita kece dibaliknya
Bu Tien, Bu Rahmi Hatta, Bu *oke ini awkward* Michelle Obama, Hilary Clinton, Bu Ainun, istri Dicky Chandra, dan masih banyak laah~

*duduk silang kaki*

do I have to fix my manner and this moody girl inside
* I guess yeah, even my own self got irritated sometimes*


'Ada banyak cara untuk mencintai Negeri ini'
ibu Ainun Habibie

I was so touched when I saw a scene when Mr. Habibie and his wife, GO AROUND THE WORLDS for a...diplomatic reason
thats how I wanna live, being around the world

but one thing I always asks to myself
how you love your country
how you devote yourself for it
what will you do for your country~

when I was in high school, theres 2 things I wanted to do, help Indonesia by these two aspect : economic or by diplomacy

I am proud actually nowaday I am studying in Economic major, but..
those unrealistic dream I had~ somehow...
I think I just need to fix my mission, yeah mission
I believe I've made a good VISION!
I am an economist *Islamic Economist* , I must ! have a good vision and sense of it.
it's just my step is somehow biased, what I want to do...

learn from Mr. Habibie, how he wish to be able to build Indonesia, when he knew he can made a good living in other country~ 
but some people still try to ditch him and broke his image...
whatever! I believe , genius is genius

I guess that's all...
feel free to put some comment~
aaah so saaad, I always wants any comment and feedback, 
nobody read my blog I guess

oh yeah! 
what irritates me about this movie

1. kira-kira berapa ongkos tukang becak dimasa itu, seriously, tukang becak masih dibayar receh
2. KAPANPUN ADEGAN BCL MUNCUL, dengan wajah lembut penuh kasih, seserius apapun PASTI KEBAYANG LAGU INI:

jadinya kalo adegan sedih, dan harus nangis...suka ke distract ._.

3. Dari mbak Dika mbak Mito Mrs. Indrakeyz *baru keinget juga* pertamanya anak pertamanya kan cewek, pas kecil, gede-gede kok jadi cowok? seketika perubahan kelamin, kayak yang lagi marak masa kini :o


they said : 'no flower without rain'

image credits : maghd.blogspot.com
*p.s it was written like almost 2weeks ago, and I just continue it today ._.v, blame my lazy ass, or my busy ass. I WANT TO CHANGE!!!*

Another Lazy day another Saturday all day rolling on my bed *which I want to stop having this kind of day*
I was on youtube to update about the latest K-Pop MV, then I got attracted to AKB48's channel, which I've subscribed before

Then I saw an interesting teaser about the documentary of AKB48's activity titled : 'No Flower without Rain', somehow I was touched, that's correct!
Flower symbolize something beautiful, and rain symbolize some hard pressure, which could destroy something, it may sounds simple but for me it's too meaningful.
If someone couldn't resist from the hard pressure, he may just gave up on his life, but in contrary, if someone could survive from the hard pouring rain, he may bloom into a beautiful thing, as how the flower do.

Speaking of that it remind me of something, as we know that AKB48 is like a top idol group not only in Japan but also in the whole world *for those who care* some people might se them as a bunch of girls *many many x_x* with a mini skirts dancing and singing, performing everywhere and gain lots of money.
But for me they're more than those things, they could be a role-model , not.about how they dressed :p, you should 'wear another glasses'
I see them as girls who had a lot of determination to be succeed like how they are nowaday, sometimes I feel embarassed when I remembered how they became at this point, I am not talking about how they became an idol-group, but as a person who reached they goal, as an ordinary girl who became a star, not because they're an idol, but as person who have every determination to shine~

that's how I admire them, and also, I admire who they maintain 'ehm' their bodies to keep healthy and the most important in a GOOD SHAPE! >_<

I've asked to myself, at this rate, I think I am STILL admiring them, I don't know will I be like them? I mean my dream is still biased, I have a vision, but I still didn't decide the mission yet, I guess I better hurry the time is ticking and it's like 2013 soon! in a less than a week, 
I like to counts my ages... years, months, days... and think back, what I've done, and I guess not much~
so I wish I can change starts from today, I have to be more strich and hard to myself ._., I've planned so much good stuffs but I ended messing with them, I kept asking people to remind me about them, but the one who messed with is none other than my own lovely self :3

and I've got other problems, because of certain circumstances, I considered myself is outta comfort zone *which I couldn't write what it is* sometimes I found I am to weak if always thinks and cries and whines about it, but sometimes, I put it as the hard rain which I believe it will turn me into beautiful flower soon, I just need more time to figured it out, but yeaaah!!! I have to hurry, I guess ._.  

so this will one of my reflection stories, I hope it can move you my lovely readers *should I make some term for this blog reader like mondy's or something *is it cheesy?* :3 *
so if you guys have some encourage message or some similar things to share please let me know my comment box is 24/7 opens!