Inspring Woman : Rahmi Hatta

Speak of 4th month of the year : April, it's not just about my birthday lol, people here, in Indonesia always relate it with woman's month, since it was R.A Kartini's birth month. 
But there are much much more woman with achievement in this nation (including me soon, Amien :') ) beside R.A Kartini.
I was watching a program on a TV and it was interesting and inspiring so I wanted to share it here, even though I had a mid test week starting next Monday,
Hey! that's I am here write about a woman with achievement.

I put my tweet when I was watching the show, so that it become more alive, that was the interesting point from what I heard :)

it's great to have a similar interest with her, how she likes fashion and how she likes to learn foreign language, as her daughter said, until her old days she still learn some German language.

and one more thing, she was a member of various organization, she loves to be an activist, just like me xp

then, I wish, I share another same thing with her: having a great husband, who did so~~~oo many things for this nation, and support her husband with a full-heart ♥♥♥

Mr. Hatta was had a different thought already with Mr. Soekarno, so he withdraw from his position as a vice president. As stated by her daughter, there was a hard time, they even can't pay an electricity bill with his pension fee. But Mrs. Rahmi never ever force him to do some side job like doing a business stuff, she let him did anything he like and support him.

and O yeah! Mr. Hatta was also offered to be 'someone big' in world bank, but he rejected it, I guess he had that idealism, yeah do more for this nation, but Mrs. Rahmi still support him, other how sweet~
other woman maybe would did a different things, since I am talking about err~ wealth.
She teach us a lot how to be a great woman who makes a great man. And I hope I'll be in same line with her :D

maybe I'll looking for her biography book soon, from now on she is stay in my heart, as a great role model :D

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