manquer en tulle

yesterday, I was like taking off my stressful mind for a while
walking around sutos with my sister-auntie.
in some shop I found an ULTRA~CUTE skirt.
*unfortunately I wasn't taking that skirt's picture*

I want that skirt so so so much, but yeah I had a budget limitation.
I had to make a priority on more important things, and I thought that skirt wasn't worth enough...
but I kept had my desire on that skirt -___-
after some thinking-process, I had an idea to make my own version of that skirt, helped by my sister-auntie in the fitting process :D

and here it is my own version of tulle skirt
I think it come out weird and cute in a same time.
but it's not officially shaped like this since it isn't tailored I just tied it with a belt

 I know, my shoes is ugly but I just can't throw it off, my soul is like stick in that shoes :D


mocha and strawberry

pink and brown are just too cute too resist >,<
taken on beautiful Sunday 17-October-2010
what a loud and happy Sunday :)

by the way, I just realized that my blog has pass 1 year and 1 month and 1 day
HAPPY first-post day MY BLOOOG
I wish this blog grown bigger and more well-known :)
and be such an inspiration for people


meet professor pink mustache!

today is like a day-off for me, since tomorrow I still face my *sigh* mid exam
but, as usual instead of study...
something came on my mind.
something weird to celebrate about:
I had my first new-edition of MAGNUM ICE CREAM with Belgian Chocolate  :D

let's meet her/him?!?

hha dorky her/him

and let see her/his latest 'invention' yyaaayy!

looks soo yummy

what does she/he said?

verified! deliciousooo~~~
hot tips : share is care, better eat this ice cream with other people :D

another dorky gallery :D:

here it is : professor pink mustache!
thrown her/his usual jacket change with sharper one

OH La! Denim ROSE

so! I've got a new pant that I bought at Jakarta a month ago
I do so happy found this cute floral print pant,
cause ain't confident wear some legging...


mungkin terlalu telat publish sekarang
tapi pintu pendaftaran masih terbuka lho!

disini kita bukan adu kecantikan
tapi kita cari siapa sih yang paling FEB banget?

kalo memang merasa mampu, kenapa nggak daftar aja?

D3 : Sarah. 085646209665
S1 : Ocha. 085646048215

Be the very first MISS CAMPUS of FEB UA


celebrating another simple template

you know tomorrow I'll face a mid exam
but what I do today is just relaxing
I know God will throw a punishment on me
but I don't have any will or spirit to study!!!

any prayer won't help I guess
so I was here:
because my friend asked to send some e-mail
then I can't stop browsing until now
and I ended up searching for my blog template
although it's remain the same : blogspot's simple template

but a post without a picture is boring
so I insert my simply-Japanese look style along with this celebration post,
I took this picture in September, before Syawal month

it's soo rare that I dress in a long skirt. 
but I love this looks so much
and I looking forward to wear long skirt more
and create another mix and match :D
wish me luck for my tests!!!