manquer en tulle

yesterday, I was like taking off my stressful mind for a while
walking around sutos with my sister-auntie.
in some shop I found an ULTRA~CUTE skirt.
*unfortunately I wasn't taking that skirt's picture*

I want that skirt so so so much, but yeah I had a budget limitation.
I had to make a priority on more important things, and I thought that skirt wasn't worth enough...
but I kept had my desire on that skirt -___-
after some thinking-process, I had an idea to make my own version of that skirt, helped by my sister-auntie in the fitting process :D

and here it is my own version of tulle skirt
I think it come out weird and cute in a same time.
but it's not officially shaped like this since it isn't tailored I just tied it with a belt

 I know, my shoes is ugly but I just can't throw it off, my soul is like stick in that shoes :D


  1. Rex rex reeexx luuucccuuu.. ballet wannabee
    tapi nggak yakin sama the length si.. kaya in between, panjang ga panjang, pendek ga pendek.. huehehehe..
    But I kinda Love it!!

  2. iyya >< aku maunya panjang banget gitu, biar keliatan lady terus sekalian aja pake ankle boots
    tapi kata bibiku , yang mem-fitting rok itu di bikin tanggung aja . ya suddah
    SOON lah :D


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