meet professor pink mustache!

today is like a day-off for me, since tomorrow I still face my *sigh* mid exam
but, as usual instead of study...
something came on my mind.
something weird to celebrate about:
I had my first new-edition of MAGNUM ICE CREAM with Belgian Chocolate  :D

let's meet her/him?!?

hha dorky her/him

and let see her/his latest 'invention' yyaaayy!

looks soo yummy

what does she/he said?

verified! deliciousooo~~~
hot tips : share is care, better eat this ice cream with other people :D

another dorky gallery :D:

here it is : professor pink mustache!
thrown her/his usual jacket change with sharper one


  1. Wowww.. gaya2 androgenic.. wuooh !
    Love the boyfriend blazer. Pssst, this style reminds me of La Roux's personnel, Elly Jackson eeer, minus the 'dahsyat' hair.

  2. hhha!!!

    iyya ~ gag mungkin juga dengan rambut seperti itu


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