low disk space

uuurrghhh!!! I think I really really need to get a new external hard disk, my laptop keep going get low disk space notice. Actually I feel bad for that, BUT! nothing to erase from my laptop. ALL ARE EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!! I'm confuse!!!

Moreover it's gonna be 10 p.m, and I have a morning class tomorrow. I have to go to bed, and my assignments? I didn't touch it at all, I'm just browsing the materials, but I didn't working on it! *well, I know that's my fault*. but web browsing is such a poison! seems like it have been running on my blood...

And what keeps distracting me is? I HAD AN IDEA of fashion mix and match, I want to try it, go out with that, and of course! taking some picture.
but it's night already, and that's impossible to 'wear' my idea tomorrow. Promise! I will be a spotlight, but what kinda spotlight yaaaa???

I hope, I'll be more confident and my environment will be more 'fashion friendly' 

yaaah, just wanna post my old picture, I was dressed as a chic rocker inspired :). What do ya think???

I wish tomorrow will be a superduper beautiful day, on my relationship with GOD, on my LOVELIFE (the most important LOL), on my education, my relationship with others and my organization...


P.S : I got a big dream wish, I know my style is not that great, my blog is not that well-known: BUT I WISH : SOMEDAY A BLOGGER PHOTO PAINTER WILL MAKE MY PHOTO AS ONE OF THEIR MUSE! hehe


only GOD knows! :)

I was just passing a SUPERLUCKY day . at the 2nd of  May...

as a Rangers - Changcut Rangers (fans of The Changcuters a.k.a TC band usually called)
me and maman, and some of her friends, attended a pensi (high school's music and dance and anything artsy thing event)

after waiting like more than 2hours. they came out! yippy!!!

we watch at the first row. *yaaa just like watching a fashion show...*
I was suffering cause a guy *with a smelly armpit* pushed me, and it felt like, I felt his tii..t! OH NO!
I can't enjoy their show huhuhu :(
but yaa, after he satisfied *after taking TC's photo*. he go to the leftside . thanks GOD!
I dooo enjoyed their performance!!!
especially My Favorite Player 'Qibil' at guitar, with his FRESH NEW SEXY HAIRCUT! played uuuu!!! 너 의 입술로 오빠 !!!! (neoui ibsullo oppa!!!!) LOVELOVELOVE :p hehe
 and when he covered his wet SMEXY hair with a towel. CUTE *blinkblink*!!!
unfortunately I didn't capture that moment...
and when he get to the side of  stage where I stand . I screamed LOUDER!!! awww!!!

after few songs maman looked so pale . I thought she was going to collapsed . then we headed to somewhere outside the crowd, to take some fresh air. yaaa after she feels okay. we were going back, but THAT WAS THE LAST SONG!!! uhhm , but that's ok. I'LL ABSOLUTELY CATCH their next performance at my sooo LOVELY CITY!

theeeen , I was so confuse about accommodation to get home.
but whatever!
maman's friend : Randy, told us to get something to eat. after. longlong conversation. we headed to 'Gubeng Pojok'. with a big sacrifice too!

shockingly at that place, there were TC's band crew. maman wondered "Ohh!!! where are they (TC)???"
after ordered a meal. had some jokes



a group of a man, passed..
fist row ALDA of TC!
I screamed!
not the loud one. but I did some weird moves. 
and the last row. QIBIL 
my favorite one!!! uuu , he acted silly! CUTE :)

the rest are : 
all of us. me, maman and friends. get nervous, till we couldn't eat.

then we ask them to take a picture with us. fortunately they say 'yes'
yuhhuuu!!! cause from the last moment, it's kinda hard, to ask them like that.

here are the prove :)

and the best one. ME in a same FRAME (though...) with Qibil :O

look at what he wore truly fashionable.! LOVELOVE :)
then I made and making another wish . I wish I can be like this :

envy heeeeerr!!!

yayyy!!! all of that moments are 'only GOD knows moment', GOD gives a different different way and reason to each person
on other side of this nation, probably there are a fangirl, like me who met them million times, and get bored.
or someone who never met them, and dying to do that...

only GOD knows.
I just wish . I can 'feed' all of my 'FANGIRL HUNGER :)'
I STILL wish to:

meet them . interact with them, anything!
cause I got this moment by several hard steps . hehe


pattern parade: SPRING is COME!!!

back to 4th day of March

mommy asked for an accompanion to the 'G-city near Surabaya' means, Gresik.
at first I though 'Gooosh!!! I want to stay at home, I'm sooo tired'. but na-ah! stay at home is actually a bad idea. 'LIFE is TOO SHORT and WORLD is TOO BIG'. straightly I go to shower, and I was thinking 'what today's costume should I wear?'

showering is my biggest inspiration caller. YEAH! when I need some idea consultation. shower is the best place to get some new idea. 

this was what I wore:

really really like a pattern war: Tartan, stripes and floral. some people think it wouldn't work, but na-ah ! not with me. I really really don't care when someone stare at me, and I guess they will think like: 'HELL!!! what does she think, when she pick her outfit?'

here is the detail : my pattern war!

surabaya from top and fortune float

It was the 13th day of May. 

my friend who obsessed to be a photographer since her high school day, asked me to come with her to find a beautiful spot for her photography exhibition (with HIMARFI organization in her campus).
without any doubt I said I come with her, cause it's fun to do something different everyday right? 

oh yeah first. I call her maman, taken from The Changcuter's song 'Senandung Persahabatan'. cause both of us are Rangers. YEAHHH!!!

then we headed to Tunjungan Plaza (TP), cause what she was looking for, was a picture with a scenery of Surabaya from top, to portray a busybusy city life. [since that's the exhibition theme].
 at first we thought the security guard would forbid us. but instead of forbid us. he showed us the way to go to the TP's rooftop. thank youuuu sooo much Mr. Security!!! :*

I took this with my Cellphone's CAM

the view was pretty beautiful, that made me think, it'll kinda romantic, to had a picnic there ... 
I wish that will happen someday :)

then here are some photo, with me as the model (LOL), heyy!!! that was for fun, and as a cost she asked me to accompany her!!! hehee

I love the scenery behind me, but! my smile kinda weird -____-

HELLO!!! :)

then we get down from heaven (LOL), to a street near there, with a lot of gravity, that give some punk taste...

haha!!! weird photo expression!!! but I love it

another one:
according to maman, this picture used to be called 'OVER', maybe because it got over lighting, so I turned this pic into black and white

and here is maman:
let's wish she become a success well known photographer soon!!!

ohh yeahhh!!!! that day I found a super ummmyummyumm delicioso beverages. called Fortune Float from McD! it was a special edition for Chinese New Year. so they don't sell it again today, yaaa...maybe next year...it was a sundae ice cream mixed with some soda, mango sauce and some real mango fruit as the topping !!! uuuu!!!! I want that AGAIN!!!!