low disk space

uuurrghhh!!! I think I really really need to get a new external hard disk, my laptop keep going get low disk space notice. Actually I feel bad for that, BUT! nothing to erase from my laptop. ALL ARE EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!! I'm confuse!!!

Moreover it's gonna be 10 p.m, and I have a morning class tomorrow. I have to go to bed, and my assignments? I didn't touch it at all, I'm just browsing the materials, but I didn't working on it! *well, I know that's my fault*. but web browsing is such a poison! seems like it have been running on my blood...

And what keeps distracting me is? I HAD AN IDEA of fashion mix and match, I want to try it, go out with that, and of course! taking some picture.
but it's night already, and that's impossible to 'wear' my idea tomorrow. Promise! I will be a spotlight, but what kinda spotlight yaaaa???

I hope, I'll be more confident and my environment will be more 'fashion friendly' 

yaaah, just wanna post my old picture, I was dressed as a chic rocker inspired :). What do ya think???

I wish tomorrow will be a superduper beautiful day, on my relationship with GOD, on my LOVELIFE (the most important LOL), on my education, my relationship with others and my organization...


P.S : I got a big dream wish, I know my style is not that great, my blog is not that well-known: BUT I WISH : SOMEDAY A BLOGGER PHOTO PAINTER WILL MAKE MY PHOTO AS ONE OF THEIR MUSE! hehe


  1. hora!! erase all of your temp files, your error report files and all of your log files..
    i thought all of them make your laptop fully loaded..

  2. sudaaaah damdarrrarraamm ....


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