pattern parade: SPRING is COME!!!

back to 4th day of March

mommy asked for an accompanion to the 'G-city near Surabaya' means, Gresik.
at first I though 'Gooosh!!! I want to stay at home, I'm sooo tired'. but na-ah! stay at home is actually a bad idea. 'LIFE is TOO SHORT and WORLD is TOO BIG'. straightly I go to shower, and I was thinking 'what today's costume should I wear?'

showering is my biggest inspiration caller. YEAH! when I need some idea consultation. shower is the best place to get some new idea. 

this was what I wore:

really really like a pattern war: Tartan, stripes and floral. some people think it wouldn't work, but na-ah ! not with me. I really really don't care when someone stare at me, and I guess they will think like: 'HELL!!! what does she think, when she pick her outfit?'

here is the detail : my pattern war!

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