You're The Cause of My (fake) Euphoria

When I am tired
When I am alone
When I need to be understood
When I need some affection 
When I need (fake) euphoria
I can only rely on you 
N*scafe White Coffee packed in box

You'll be the cause of my (fake) euphoria
I'll be dancing
I'll be singing
I will believe I still have some hope
I will believe I still have a cause 
You're the cause of my euphoria

Finally a post TT_TT
 I've been sooo frustrated dealing with my writer's block
writer's block on doing this wretched blog (ikr)
I was thinking nothing express me better than my blog
so when I couldn't drop a single letter (!) 
it hurts me so much
it feels like a constipation
but on a yearly basis (Naudzubillah)

SO how's life?
mine is... a bit... changing
I have (nearly) found the real meaning of
'stay out of my comfort zone'
I am currently on the actual war  
that I've been avoiding for my entire life

but PRAISE TO THE LORD Alhamdulillah
in this chaos, he sent me a new hope
besides N*scafe White Latte packed in box 
(I don't really drink canned drink, because I have this habit to not only finish the drink, but also biting it's straw)
BTS and it's deep song, 
God also sent me Lucas and his boys ok... 
let's forget all the past and begin a new start!!! 
P.S : Sorry to other group I've been favoring at, I couldn't mention one by one because my current obsession is BTS, Lucas and his boys (maybe I will add JaeHyun and Jeno, so it become Lucas, Jaehyun, Jeno and them Boys), wait! Can I add one more : it's RedVelvet's Luv Kit (seulgi shade) and their latest A side 'Bad Boy' ... it's enough. 

at least I've define my comfort zone
next : I gotta figured my goal and my cause
hope it's not too late because I've spent 27 years ( :( ) breathing and doing nothing meaningful other than making korean idol group become richer by selling them album.

GOOD BYE my mid 20's 
I'll be 30 in 3 years.

Hello this is Lucas
credits to google

latest obsession:

and I want to rant here:
why the h*ll they use 'Claire De Lune' out of billions of classic composition!
THIS GOT ME LUNATIC cause it will grow more of MY PERSONAL CONNECTION towards BTS :(

I used to plan to fly to Korea for them next comeback
It was supposed to be my birthday gift from me to me
but why it's on Ramadhan :(

and how dare you use euphoRIA as the title.
WHY BTS WHY *big hit*
how much more will you play with my heart.

and oh
don't forget April 22nd 2018 will mark 1 year anniversary of Wings Tour Bangkok tragedy...
uuurgh still want's to see them live :(

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