My Unrequited Love

So , I was here going to rant about
how two days ago I was awaken
and I feel like what I need the most rn is affection

well, put that aside
because I've tried to taking care of it

While browsing for this post's picture

I was like, "wow! it's November already and it's going to end soon...And 2018 is coming fast"
and I was thinking, I am still thinking about it.
What I've done so far...
Though I've been working in some company with a'global environment'
I've went to Japan, and been to Shibuya and Tokyo Disneyland
or I've been to Holy Land
(and insert 'watching BTS concert' overseas, although I almost got killed)
this year...

It seems like my truest dream are still still far away
it's so frustrating, I feel like I am actually on an 'unrequited love' situation
 By the way during my flight to Holy Land
I got a chance to watch these movies:

Wild (2014)

It was about a woman taking a 'Pacific Crest Trail' trip, by herself.
The movie reveals how she had a troubled past, 
starting from having an abusive father and her mother as the biggest victim. 
After her mother died, her life began to change.
And when everything couldn't get worse...She took the trip.
 At the end of the trip after the journey of both her body and soul
she began her new life.
Based on true story.

P.S : Pacific Crest Trail seems interesting.

Re:LIFE (2017)

The Story is about a guy named Arata Kaizaki. 
He is 27 years old and unemployed (errr)
One day, after meeting his friends with their 'normal life'.
A guy from some research company, offered him something interesting 
'comeback to 17 years old Arata Kaizaki'.
During his journey to 17 years old him, he learned about what it is of being an adult 
and found his love.

I mean there are 3 male main character, and all of them are visually pleasing.
Remind me of my trip to Tokyo :p 
I need to stay longer for the ikemen.

And those movies got me thinking.
Second life is real
The Start?
It might be not as extreme as those movies.
But we can make those chance...
By at least leaving what's considered as our 'bad habit'

well, good and bad might be different for every person.
but on my pov, bad means something destructive. 

Well, today is the 3rd week of me coming back from Holy Land.
During my flight back
I was telling myself, "Yes, this is your second life"
I am not extremely change the way I life, but I am trying to improving myself rn.

And the question is...
Does my dream before my second life became invalid?

When I found some way, I was thinking I am a step closer toward my dream
but then the way turned out to be just a small alley, it's just connect me to other way.
This happened often tho.

Or maybe I just have to let it go, 
just like the other things I have gave up on.
Maybe my life was meant for something else, 
other than what I've imagined.

mood : Senar Senja - Untukmu Yang Baru Saja Diwisuda

My graduation was like 2 years (almot 3 years ago)
Found out this song tonight...it touches me
How this past 2years, everything came to me like a puzzle
it's full of surprise.
I was (naively) thinking, I will be one step closer to my dream.

But I guess...I have to write something else.

Thinking about getting a 'new dream'
but I guess, I couldn't walk alone anymore
I need someone who will tell me everything is gonna be okay
And makes me believe myself again.

maybe my period is coming soon, writing this blog got me crying SO BAD
or maybe it's because I am talking about my dream

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