1st World Problem

((MY HOMEEE!!! taken @ Tokyo Disneyland))

My current 1st world problem:
nooo it's not involving to get married asap
or getting a new job
(although those 2 are pretty crucial)

my current 1st world problem is...
should I delete my current instagram
(I have 2 public accounts, 1 stalking account, 1 secret account, and 2 online shop accounts)
and make the new one.
should I just keep going with the old one.
Well, since I stopped working on my previous office job
I was thinking about deleting my main main account 
and start something new with a travel-esque thing
since I love traveling a lot.

Now that I already have some new concept
this issue became bigger in my world


P.S : I am on ninja mode on my main account, cause I don't feel like to interact with people
and on semi ninja mode on my 2nd account, cause I wanted to use that account for my current purpose but the feed is kinda messy :p 

please anticipate my regular blog post
because I will keep this blog forever how cringy it is
(I was also thinking about deleting my facebook account)

Current mood

tribute to previous Japan trip
because OH-GOD! Japan is a land of Ikemen (or maybe cause I was in Tokyo, I mean..big city)

I wish I could live in Japan surrounded by Ikemen, writing a cringy book 
wearing bohemian dress and d*c marts on daily basis

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  1. sis, there is this thing called archive on instagram you can put any post in there if you do not want people to see them.
    also, you can block some account if you do not want them to follow you anymore.
    i just want you to keep your old acc /sigh/


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