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I just realize something very - very important.
I realize I don't deserve to love someone or to be loved by someone yet...

thus I don't know what love is
but I feel like I don't have enough love

for my self

this person who came up to be supportive to anyone
seeing everything in positive attitude
and believe that there is a special lesson on everyone's failure
is the same person who wanted to be trusted and supported
the same person who actually more pessimistic than anyone else.

this person needs to love itself more


I guess I need to be myself more
and love myself before I give my love to someone else.

please let me go once more
give me another chance to love myself more.

I've never hating the reason why I live
but I just need to know more 
how to embrace it.

again thanks to BTS for made me think about it.
Yes, today is special because I turned 25years and 1month
what a month~

even thought  I meet hundreds of 'Adimas'
I know I couldn't accept him now
I just need more love for myself
 Gosh! I hope someone understand this

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