Walking Slow *tick tack*

Should be ashamed of myself,
I said that I am preparing something
*for this blog*
but nothing come up until now :'D

life is full of surprise for these past 3weeks
so maybe this blog need to wait a liiittle bit more

so here is a nice soundtrack

well, my soundtrack

"Under the flower petals raining down 
I run, so lost in this maze

Even when I fall and hurt myself 
I Keep running toward my dream


The beauty of cherry blossom tree and it's petal still lingering on my mind

The voice of Korean speaking this and that still lingering on my mind as well

I am home, yes
this is my home, yes

but somehow I feel this arrival might be temporary
I might gonna live my dream again --
might be the other dream that I've been dreaming of.

I am glad I am still walking on the same path,
falling and hurting didn't stop me.

Life never fails to surprise me.
*sobs*literally holding one drop* 

I am just ranting about some possibility~
25 years and 24 days old

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