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October 2012

huwaaawww I am so happy that I could visit South Korea, autumn here is extremely beautiful...
*why there's no autumn season in Indonesia?!?*
feels like going to cry when I SEE the harmony of red-orange-yellow and little touch of green hanging on the trees, omg I feels like want to build my house here, and lives under the trees for the rest of the season


finally! I am here!!! the dreamy cube studio, I've adored BEAST since 2 years ago, and now I also fell for their rookies BtoB! hell yeah!!! BtoB it's like a full package, they're good looking and also talented, I wanna SEE them in person and I was looking forward to take a picture with BEAST or BtoB...

 oh my God!!! KYAAA!!! is it true?!? Take a picture with BEAST?!? I can't believe it, kyaaa >,< 오빠 사랑해♥♥♥


I knew that South Korea's traditional clothing is hanbok, and I heard that hanbok are so beautiful and colorful, I wanna SEE it! I heard that I can find in Gwangjang Market, and yeaaah the rumours are true there are so many beautiful and colorful hanbok here, 아주머니!!! 는 얼마 죠?!?


I always like fashion and it's evolution from times... I saw in some TV shows or dramas, that there's a location called Garosu-gil in South Korea.... this places is filled with trendy clothing store, cafes and also fashionistas uuu~~
so here I am I SEE sooo many stores lining, and people passing by in a trendy clothing, 처아해요!!!


South Korea is known as the land of a morning calm... but the nights here are also calming, I visit Paju, and I SEE the Provence Lighting, it's extremely beautiful and also romantic, it would be lovely if I am here with... oppa *OPPA WHO!!!* kkk


whooaaahhh!!! I can't stop starring at my reflection in the mirror... I adore my look now, I can SEE myself turn into more beautiful and attractive, gosh! thanks to Korea's skin care program, awww~~~ beautiful ~~~


so what's that ???

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안녕! 어떻게 당신이!

so I guess my posts are stopped at 10 August, fyi I met teentop on that day in sukira

and more stories, it is so many that I can't imagined to post everything on my blog, when actually I want to share a lot of things, not a childiss-show-off purposes, but I want to share something may important for all of you, probably one of you will going to South Korea by yourself and experience things like I do ^^

so I guess I'll do it gradually,

it is almost a month since I came back from Korea, within those days, I've done things, including nice afternoon nap and being lazy all days, *peace sign*, which I can post something actually :3

Honestly, I am inspired by a lot things from my visit it's not just about the interaction with the K-Pop idol, which it is so possible to see them pass in front of us,
which you must understand that those not an easy thing, you do need a determination and effort, there's no thing such as free lunch baby~ *that's what I learned from school, economic*
and also we have to prepare a thick sheet of patience, which if you choose to be unpatience, you'll ruin everything

besides that my visit opened my eyes and my thought, some values of life, even the reason of why we have to wear a hijab (see! just open your mind, inspiration comes from everywhere), I may post my thought on different post ^^ the feeling gonna be different 

so I guess I am done with my intro xD ~ more posts soon 

P.S : I might join another blogging competition which prize is trip to South Korea, if you're interested just check this