foodcourt Tunjungan Plaza, November 12th, 2012

나 헌자 :3
sitting alone in TP's foodcourt, while sometimes sips my gurin, listening to the music through my phone+headset, and write my accounting journal  (of my own money) and my activity for the past 1 week...

I was here , going to buy a cable, as my task as a financing staff at the koperasi syariah :3, and waiting for 3pm , when I am going to have my karaoke time with my ukhtiduel...

At first I was like dunno what to do, I was going to watch some movies, since I've got so many times, but I didn't find good movie and I think it's going to take so many times (? messed with time kkk). So I decided to go to the book store, and the smell of the new books, was like cheer me up,

I visited magazine corner, and then comic corner, and then the computer, I dunno I feel like going to read a marketing book *which I remember I want to have an internship in marketing department* but it seems like something popped out, I though I didn't find the company who wants me yet, so I think I won't read any marketing book, because the area wont be exact, is it management or education.

But one thing for sure, I feel like my decision to have an internship abroad and leave my school + my thesis for a while is correct, I feel like currently I feel so bored with my school, and leave it for a while to have a new experience and live in a new place with a so different environment, can make me a fresh new start.
So I was like , I couldn't wait no more, what makes me worry is , I didn't find the company yeeet ;_;...

I guess I have to try harder, to find it, and I was like visiting the language book corner, and something suddenly popped out,
How about tell the company that I say I can speak languages (maybe Japanese, Russian, French, etc) , but the basic I mean like the daily conv, since I found sooo many languages tutorial book, I can learn it by myself, like if there is a will, there is a way...

Yaay!!! I found a new spirit, everything is like so possible for me, Bismillah
Now I am on super excited mood, I dunno, maybe regarding those inspiration...
And I was like found a marketing book, yay! I learned marketing at school, so I guess I wont to lost about it,

Everything is just about your creativity,

Aaargh I am super excited , my heart is beating so fast, that I feel like going to fly :333

Oh yeaah, There was a magazine and there was an article about Korean star's honeymoon, and I was like kyaaaa!!! Kill me, there were photos, which made, I want have a honeymoon too with a good looking guy, which is going to be my husband *blush*

Random post sorry~

Oh yeah! Everything can come from a bookstore!!!
*wish : I want to have my own bookstore, to inspire more people kkk*

How about you?

image credits : google

Kyaaah I saw a Japanese guy, I though he works here or something, I wanna talk to him lol, but he was just pass with a man, seems like they took a break from their job, and going to have a lunch... ㅋㅋㅋ *random, sorry*

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