confession of shopaholic in my point of view

so today, I had my 'rest day' since I suffered from a bad stomachache which I don't know why...
and I prevent myself from touch my laptop which may takes me to another long-time surf which will make me couldn't rest on my bed

so I came up with pick some DVDs to watch, which I usually just buys the DVDs and put it on my desks without watch it like for a years or more, since I'd rather get socialize; hang out with friends and family or simply have a conversation or make a jokes on a social-network, than spare like one an a half until two hours watching movies.

so the point is I am no a movieholic, boring movies would makes me sleep, 
but it just came up today, which I want to watch this movie 'Confession of Shopaholic'

lame choice? yeaaah this movie is like so 3 years ago, which I bet almost everyone especially who loves fashion or get dressed up have watched this movie, except me ~

than I am surprised that I got many values from this movie, which I'll share here,
SO HERE IS MY POINT OF VIEW for 'Confession of a Shopaholic' Movie 


Look at Rebecca she was unintentionally send a an article which made her accepted in 'Successful Saving' magazine, when she was actually going to send it for 'Alette' magazine which is a fashion magazine, and the worst, she have no clue about economic, investment, etc, which is 'Successful Saving' about. But she adapted well and she did it in her own way, which makes her glows and famous. 

So the lesson is wherever you are, especially in a new place the essential thing to survive is to adapt well and have an ability to read the situation, I guess it's okay to accept a new challenge as long as you kept the key 'ability to adapt in a new places and a different condition from how you usually live', if we can pass through it, possibly we will be more success than where we think we should belong to, cause we have our own formula.

Don't spend something when you have nothing, I mean look! Rebecca stuck in a terrible debt, and it lead her to many troubles, which risks her ownlife, her friendship and her lovelife. 
It goes with anything I mean, for example if you have no time to relax, I mean when you have something to do and the worst it is related to deadline or something, then don't spend your time having fun. 

AND DON'T BUY A DRESS IF YOU HAVE NO MONEY, it will risk your friendship even your sisterhood


Family is your home, wherever you are.
when the world seems ignore her (Rebecca) her parents are always there for her :')
I understand that, other families would be different, but look at the bright side, family is not always someone who give you a birth or place where you raised, it can be anyone, it can be a girl which sit beside you in classes, it can be a man which helped you with your job, it can be the kid who sells a newspaper on the street, anyone can be your family, just ask your heart, where is the place you want to go the most when you're so tired and wasted. I believe everyone had at least one.


learning foreign languages is necesary!!!
see how Rebecca pretend that she mastered Finnish, when she don't, and in the end she really learn Finnish.

yeay! I realised that learning foreign languages is so important, someone who lives in English-speaking world would be so lucky, since they had the most essential languages in the world. And I am glad I am able to use English as my 3rd languages (?), though I couldn't brag that I am excellent on it *see how I messed with grammars*

and currently I am studying Korean, which I hope it will be as good as my English~ so I can use it for any purposes, especially my career
but I am also want to learn Japanesse, Arabic anda French so bad, kyaaa~ I hope I have enough time to learn all of that, I am getting obsessed

IMO, by learning foreign languages it will open our door to interact with people from other countries, which is good, it will gives us a new perspectives ;)


Luke Brandon is hot, yeaaah, a cold but sweet guy who understand us and able to read our heart, who got a good fashion sense is hot. <(♥v♥)>


British accent is always sexy *I love how Luke Brandon speaks*

but still he had the cutest Britsih accent ever
yeah it is AJ from U-KISS♥♥♥

credits goes to mysoonjjang @youtube


it's cool to live as a New Yorker and strolling around the streets in a mode, work in a prestigious company with a fabulous interior design, and smell the office *hah! I know it's not that simple, but I want it...someday*


yeah but everyone could have their own point of view, like Rebecca *the playful type* vs Alicia *the classy type*, both pull out the different style in a fashion, but both are awesome

Enjoy your live ... YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE! but please stay in line, don't hurt anyone... Life has it rules, I know, I don't try to be naive, life is hard we have to survive from any distraction... but please be nice


it's a wrap
*caps may update soon*
so how do you think? any objection
or any other movie suggestion, in case I have to stay at home all day long~

just put some comment

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