literally : I MISS YOU - 보고싶어

the lyrics fits to how I felt
the song dedicated to my summer 2012 memories:
South Korea
The Dorm
The Campus
The Classes
The Lessons
The Park
The Subway Station
The Subway Train
The Announcement
The Banana Milk
The Instant Rice, instant curry, instant noddle 
The Road
Sichon, Gangnam, Apgujong and everycorner I've passed
The Market
Cube Cafe
BEAST the whole members
Peniel of BtoB

 I don't even know if this is about my mood swing or something...
It's just I miss my Summer 2012 so much...
yeah, I guess I need some good sleep so I don't need to meet anyone and talks about this and that
too much stuffs in my life, 
which I wish everything disappear when I snap my finger
I miss the road where I walked
by myself
I miss the subway where I enjoyed the ride so much
just me and my phone, music played
I miss when I saw the moon shone brightly
and I realised that we are on the same land 
*the last part was kinda biased, I didn't have any particular memories about someone*
I guess I refer it to him...yeah that guy...which remain irreplaceable until now, I don't know when will God change him with the real guy for me
though there's no word slipped through his mouth for me, though he didn't literally saw me, though he didn't even realise that we met...

I still miss him a lot, 
I know it's sooo childish, but I don't care

I guess I just feel lonely
I guess I need someone who really can see me through my heart
*I know even it's him, he wont understand me or something*

but it's just
currently I am tired with my life
I really really really want to go back to those days,
where I worry abouth nothing but the summer heat, the heavy rain...
and when I couldn't see him..

 or God I wish for a simple thing
just let me be stronger to pass all of this
I know
I know
I know
that you've prepared the best ending for me...
*forgive me for being a selfish person, I know I am the worst, I am the most self-centered person in the whole world, I've beat Snow White's step mother*

*taken by Queenie's iPhone she lives happily in SG, thank you for documented those precious momment*
*taken inside of inkigayo August 5th, 2012*
If you read this and you want me to delete the picture I'll do it, to express my gratitude~

it's just
*yeah I guess I'm just lonely*

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