the wildest new year celebration so far...

won't say much, even though pictures doesn't really talk

joined a 'free new year party' at De Kasteel Resto *a restaurant with a middle age concept, ♥ly!!!*, since my friend was the MC of the event, came as her cousin, when we were here assistant lol 

 the MC with her assistant and her stylist lol

forbidden and ... tempting and FREE!

a cabaret performance by GUCCI Dance Company, I swear that boy remind me Sungjong from Infinite!!!

then .. about at 01.30 A.M we moved to town square... due to transportation issue I HAVE TO FOLLOW 'EM

oh my! my first night life or I can say early morning life experince... 

lol she is like Cinderella for a day, since she is not kind of girl who usually wear a dress or something.. so I add a 'magic sparkle' effect

silly selca compilation since ... it was fashion CUBE! Cube who produces B2ST, 4Minute and G.NA lol

I saw so many things which aren't suit my lifestyle at all
P.S: avoid places, where you shouldn't belong to, but I guess for experience are OK ;)

the dessert~ my personal favorite... a new top from @Ancient_G or I can say Ancient Greek currently they promoting songket top~  mine was 'beranti'

support Indonesian culture xD

새해 복 많이 받으세요!!!
I hope this year will be a more inspiring year ;)
personally 2011 has taught me so many~~~ lessons
and let's be a better person inside and outside :D

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