borrowed red hoodie?

what a tittle?
it is a combination of title from movies I watched this week
hhehhe... I am not a movie-holic person, but I've watched two movies this week.

the first was:

I wish I were watching this movie in Korea, South Korea #plak

it's a old released movie though, but I think it's a worth to watch,
actually I get bored and sleepy at first, and going to 'give up' on this movie, but my friends comments woke me up, and after that I realised that this movie is good.
so what is all about? A tale that we read when we was a kid, ya kinda!  but it is more mature, and dramatic, moreover Shiloh Fernandez is HOT! he is hotter than R-Patz, really :D
I love the way we can't guess who the wolf is, it's COOL!
since the director is same as Twilight's director, this movie have same 'nuance' with Twilight, but it is more summer, not so cold, I ♥♥♥ it!
so I gave a 7 out of 10 for this movie :D

'red riding hood' movie trailer:

'Something Borrowed'

movie poster for Indonesia :D

this movie is a complete drama, I thought I'll get bored, but I don't know maybe due to my 20 headed age, or it is naturally my taste, I LOVE THIS MOVIE! really worth to watch an I didn't feel sleepy at all.
Oh yeah I realised that I am not really into fantasy genre movie, but I like something more real and dramatic, the words out from the character's lips are sweet and touching, I found myself and my friend almost cry several times.  

it's about Rachel, a best friend of Darcy, Darcy is Dex fiance, and Dex is Rachel's crush when they attended same law school, things get messed when Rachel confess to Dex and Dex had a same feeling about her! and it was 61 days before Darcy and Dex's wedding!!!

after all the lesson from this movie was:

yeah, it's cliche
but WE MUST BE HONEST TO OURESELVES, about our feeling, and express it, before it's really really too late

and word I remembered:
best friends are home for us, where we feel comfortable, and really being ourselves

'Something Borrowed' movie trailer:

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