#1 free trip to Venice : THANK YOU TELKOMSEL!!! :*

Ok! I'm officially back from my hiatus : step by step bringing what's on my life within these err~ 3months :D

for the first post I'll give ya an ultra-good news *for me :D*

prologue :

I was checking my timeline, luckily I read Sherina's tweet, that a famous provider: Telkomsel: they did a movie ticket giveaway. Then I texted one of my friend, how about taking the ticket, and watch the movie together, she said : *without hesitation, since it was free* YES! absolutely!

it was :

some review said this movie wasn't Johnny Depp's and Angelina Jolie's best movie. The ending was easily guessed by me. BUT! This movie was GREAT! I LOVE IT! The Action, fighting scene, the mafia *it's weird, I don't know why I love those stuffs*, the scenery. LOVELY! ♥♥♥
for those who haven't seen this movie : BUY THE DVD! it's worth, I think :D
but overall, THANKS TO SIMPATI for gave me free movie ticket, looking forward for the next event :)


actually I was inspired by spring's runway as I wrote here

what do you think?

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