what's on 2011 spring runway?

I just can't stop doing this, next week I had my final exam but I'm so not in the mood to read anything, *God please forgive me :'(* all  I did today was just looking for some material for my next blog post :p *you better wait, cause I am so excited about it :D*, 

and I don't even know whether this blog help my career soon or not, whether my blog have so much fans and readers or not.
but yeah I JUST WANNA WRITE and SHARE EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING THAT I LIKE. but I hope (another #2011wish LOL) this blog will mean something for me in the future and I'll get something from it soon :D, amin 

OK. enough for the introduction, what I am going to bring for you today is:
'What I spot on this year spring runway by some of the famous world designer'

1. Some vibrant and radiant colors 

we all know , we're going to greet happy spring, so we need some mood booster! and those colors are in a department of mood booster, the key is just don't be shy, I know those color are just to~o shocking ;)

2. Jumpsuit

 jumpsuit make your move more free, jump here jump there, just like a happy bunny in a beautiful flowerfield

3. Geometric pattern 
okay, floral are beautiful, hey! I am craving for it to! but I guess let's try these pattern too

4. Tribal inspired 

I guess it's been a topic last year, and the topic is still hot this year
hot tips: we can use our local tribal pattern as for Indonesian, just like Dayak tribe it's more daring and nationalist

5. Stripes again

I guess stripes are an endless pattern, it's eternal, I think I see stripes in every season, for this spring collection the stripes are bolder

6. Tropical pattern

Let's just stop mocking on these pattern LOL, cause the designer bring these pattern into something classy and stylist

I guess that's all, all are from my point of view, tell your own version of it, so that we can be rocking stylist this year's spring :)

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